Monday, November 08, 2004

Because Beating Up The Left Never Gets Old...

Kang got me into Mark Styen a few months back, and now a day doesn't go by that I don't read his columns on this interweb thing. Anyway, Steyn rips the Dems hard for their total lack of understanding about what, exactly, they did wrong. He even attacks one of my most-hated liberals, "Dr." Eric Alterman, which makes the column that much sweeter. (Yes, I know Alterman IS a Professor of Journalism at Columbia, which is actually more frightening,as the man doesn't seem to understand what journalism MEANS. Just be sure I dislike him so much that my hired goons have been roving his neighborhood). Anyway, after seeing "Team America" again last night, I'm once again shocked at how perfectly the attitudes of the idiot celebrities in the film match their real-life attitudes. The best example-When Gary and Chris find Susan Sarandon tied up in a chair, she almost convinces them that she's on their side. When Gary realizes that she's just acting, she shouts "You shall die a peasant's death!". That seems to be the thinking in the "blue" areas about the rest of America.


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