Friday, November 12, 2004

The Dead Have Risen And Are Voting Republican!

The certifiably crazy Left continues to eat away at the only slightly crazy Left as evidenced by another piece by Farhad Manjoo in Salon about how the election wasn't stolen. Manjoo wrote an article in Salon earlier this week about how the election wasn't stolen. I linked to it myself. Salon's readers responded in the way any typical Salon subscriber would. They went batty. More so. Manjoo was accused of being apropagandist for the Right(!), on Rove's payroll, and basically being ignorant. My favorite response is one that would make Olbermann proud: "You may say there is no evidence the vote was hacked. I say there is no evidence the vote wasn't hacked." That's the kind of smart analysis that got Creation Science the worldwide respect it enjoys today! Someone also quotes Jimmy Carter as a reliabel soure on fair elections. The letters are vastly entertaining, and you don't have to use the stupid day pass thing to get to them. You do for the article, but it's an add for Saab. I can live with that.

Interesting sidenote: Salon's sponser of the day is Saab, which makes some pricey cars. Considering that no one who would like to own a Saab would be able to get one in the socialist paradise that Salon's writer's invision, I find the add wonderfully ironic. I wonder how many of Salon's readers own expensive cars? More than would admit it, I think.


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