Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Europe Dying Slowly, Not Unlike Arafat

Kodos remarked in the space below that there is little to no outrage amongst the easy to outrage artistic community over the hideous murder of Theo Van Gogh, the Dutch filmmaker who was criotical of Islam's treatment of women. Well, the Dutch themselves aren't taking it lying down. In response to the murder, another Dutch artist painted a quick mural with the words "Thou Shalt Not Kill over a picture of a dove on a wall. After local Muslim leaders complained it was offensive and racist, the mural was sandblasted away. Good move, guys! It's this kind of quick thinking that probbaly led to the attacks on Muslim schools and Protestant Churches! And everyone though a race war was going to happen HERE first. Banning unpopular speech, a European custom, is apparently not at all effective at actually changing minds. In all fairness to the Dutch, there are signs that they're finally getting tough. Too bad it took the murder of a politician, an artist, and religious violence to do it.

Elsewere, the continent that gave us the Holocaust has come up with a great way to remember Kristallnacht, the night when Nazi Germany abandoned any pretext of not wanting to murder all the Jews in Europe. What have they done? Well, in Oslo, they've actually
banned Jews from participating in rememberence cermonies, and in The Hague, several were actually arrested for trying to participate there. Way to remember your darkest hour, Europe! Perhaps you should tend to your own affairs before lecturing us about, well, anything.

UPDATE (Kodos): Did you know that the largest political party in Belgium is anti-immigration? What's Europe's response: declare the party illegal by judical fiat. I like how the BBC calls it extreme right-wing, although they did seem to be overboard but in the process of toning it down.

UPDATE (C.M Burns): I had actually forgotten to post that part. What's even funnier about that is that according to this account, "extreme far-right" in Europe stands for Women's rights, free markets, and the rule of law. At issue in declaring the party, Vlaams Blok, racist, and therefore illegal, were 16 leaflets that the party put out in the 90's, many dealing with the lack of rights in Muslim countries. A key piece, that the court in Brussles said was intended to "foment anti-Muslim feeling" was a tract written by a Trukish immigrant, a woman who is a member of Vlaams Blok. The piece decried the practice of female genital mutilation in Muslim countries. I think democracy and free speech are too hard for our "progressive" European friends to deal with when the majority speak out against them. This will happen in Canada next. Watch.


Blogger Milhouse said...

"extreme far-right" in Europe stands for Women's rights, free markets, and the rule of law.Not to mention gay rights, which were certainly near to the heart of the martyred Pim Fortuyn.

Wed Nov 10, 05:49:00 PM 2004  

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