Thursday, November 18, 2004

Exit Polling Now Confirmed as Wrong, Olbermann Vows to "Keep Investigating Until I Kill My News Career Like I Killed my Sports Reporting Career"

Another day, another story proving that voter fraud didn't happen, at least on a widespread level (there is ALWAYS some fraud in any election). Mayflower Hill has a rundown up on their talk with Warren J. Mitofsky, one of the guys behind all that exit poll data, and a guy who was pissed the idiot reporters took his data out of context and hurt his reputation on Election Day. Read the whole thing, but the bottom line is that the polls were wrong due to reporting error and leakage. Mystery Pollster has been dedicating his entire blog lately to debunking the myths that the internet has produced. Look for Olbermann and Salon's readers to claim MP is a tool of the Right any day now.


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