Wednesday, November 10, 2004

I'm Sorry, I Can't Help Myself

So it's been a week since the election, and the conspiracy theories about a stolen election have gotten so asinine that even SALON of all places is debunking them, which is even more hysterically ironic because they pushed a lot of potential theories before the election. I could be fair and point out that their theories all invloved a hyper-close, Florida-esque situation, but that would mean I would have to find a link for it, and I don't want to. Also, they peddled that Diebold nonsense. Still, you can find the insanity is catching, even if it has a very small infection rate. Over crazy Eric Alterman's blog his guest blogger is saying something about MILLIONS of voter discrepencies. Eric doesn't comment, but does find time to take a cheap, lazy shot at Andrew Sullivan that, as usual, makes Alterman look like even more of a whining loser. Actually, I used to hate to read his blog, but every day since last Wednesday, I get the giggles reading his lunacy. Maybe it's the ether...

But the funniest thing is that no less a "serious" journalist than Keith "ESPN" Olbermann has been talking about how descrpencies in the Florida Panhandle between votes for Bush and the number of registered democrats indicates fraud. Keith displays a total lack of understanding of Southern politics, did no research, and gets righteously fisked by lots of different people (via instapundit). I just can't stop laughing! I know it's wrog, but two days ago I was walking by the White House and there was a group of about 4 people protesting...something, I couldn't tell. They didn't like Bush or US Foreign Policy, but they were standing in the cold, by themselves, and no one was even looking at them, and after I passed them I laughed for 10 minutes, tears streaking down my face. I just can't help laughing at them. It's so sad, it's hysterical. I'll stop gloating when they stop whining. I need more ether.


Blogger Milhouse said...

Well, it's obvious that there was a lot of fraud. Fortunately, it wasn't enough to change the result.

Wed Nov 10, 01:26:00 PM 2004  

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