Friday, November 26, 2004

Just Which Party Divides The Country Again?

While I was snacking on some delicous Sky Prawns and the tubes of bleached goo that the Pillsbury Doughboy makes, I found myself wondering about the state of our "divided" nation. Back in 2000, when then-Governor Bush was running for President, I thought his claim of being a "uniter, not a divider" was pretty lame. For one thing, a President shouldn't govern so that everyone agrees. You can't get everyone to agree on everything. Someone's always gonna be pissed off. Secondly, it seemed like a slogan that would come back to haunt him, not as bad as his father's "no new taxes" debacle, but a tool for attack by the Dems if the country found itself disagreeing about, well, anything.

Not soon after his inaguration until this very day, with a brief respite after 9/11, the Left has continualy blamed Dubya for tearing the country apart. Mainly he does, this by persuing goals that got him elected. I often wonder exactly who is being divisive. Is it the President, or is it his, well, not critics because that implies alternate plans of governance, so lets call them his "screeching, incoherent opposition". Anyway, his screeching, incoherent opposition seems to be the source of, and in favor of, a divided America. I wanted to find all the examples myself, but after a round of ether, I'm not too mobile, so the excellent Deroy Murdock over at National Review Online has done the heavy lifting for me. He goes back and points out the total hypocracy of the Left on the divisiveness issue, and makes me thankful that he does, because there's a lot of it, and with the Sky Prawns, cookie dough, and ether, I just wouldn't have been able to get to it all. Go read his piece and wonder if you're divisive, or is the left unhinged. Now where's my cocktail sauce...


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