Tuesday, November 30, 2004

The Terrible Tyranny of Turtle Bay

Ah, the United Nations. Such a noble idea. Some really proud moments. Now, a cesspool of corruption, anti-Americanism, anti-semitism, (no links needed for those two) and sexual harrassment. Well, it was all of those things since the 1970's, but the sexual harrassment thing is new. Anyway, with the revelations today that Secretary General Kofi Annan's son Kojo (I know!) was up to his neck in the Oil-for Food scandal, the sheer ammount of criminal activity going on at the UN is finally becoming impossible to ignore, as much as Kofi Annan would like to ignore it. Even CNN noticed this morning, and Jack Cafferty was calling for Annan to resign. I still say shut the whole thing down or install an American Secretary General (or Vaclav Havel?) since we pay for most of the upkeep on the place AND give them a rent-free home. Others have more practical ideas.

The Astute Blogger suggests lobbying the Senate for Helms/Biden Redux, where the US would cut off all UN funding until the place gets cleaned up. It sorta worked last time, and would at least give us some leverage at the World's Most Useless organization. Sure, other countries would say we were trying to "influence" the UN but if France and Germany love the UN so much, let them pay for it. The ever thoughtful Jed Babbin has the same idea in that first article I linked to. I just want to wash my hands of the place.


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