Friday, November 05, 2004

Wither the Dems

I stopped reading Sullivan sometime after GW's support of the FMA drove him left (or should I say crazy). Here was an intelligent Thatcherite arguing that a strident anti-war leftist senator was a reasonable choice to fight the War on Terror. But checking his site from time to time caused me to reflect on how ideology colors reality. Was Sullivan's critique of Fox as valid has his NYT anti-Rainsian crusade? Are the Republicans swelling with theocrats and bigots? (A perspective that resonates with Goldwater types, Libertarians and even our Kang).

For LeBoutillier; the Iraq war unhinged an insightful writer. If you can believe this, we should oppose Bush because of some anti-POW policies of his father.

I bring this up to question my perception of the Democratic response the election result. I could link to condescending, we must move left, succesion and I hate (middle) America talk all day (we're still in gloating mode). For I see this as a great generational 60's realignment, but my central observation on the Dems is colored by my worldview: The party has been a Zombie for some time. A working class party that disdains cherished middle class values; a minority party that cripples minorities with condescension, an antiVietnam party post 9/11. A party bereft of ideology. We're always told that Dems poll better on the issues; I think this reflects a simple "Sure I'd like to do something about Health Care", not a particular, big state solution. Compare this to the chimp's "ownership society";"faith based initiatives", etc.

In short the party's over. A cathartic middle-class grassroots reinvention will change the party into a real partner with the Republicans; a true adversary with ideas. I won't hold my breath.


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