Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Election Fraud is Real!

There is an insidious case of electoral fraud, probably on par with the Ukraine election, happening right here in the United States. It threatens the trust of the people in the electoral process. Law is being made up as the recount goes on. And it's not Ohio.

No, the case is the ongoing Governor's race in Washington State where the losing candidate, a Democrat, has resorted to what appears to be outright fraud. The Washington race was the closest statewide race ever, with the initial margin of victory for Republican Dino Rossi being just 261 votes, and the mandatory recount giving him just a 42 vote lead. Now, on the third count, King County, a heavily Democratic county, has "discovered" that 561 ballots that had been rejected twice before are in vact valid. The Republicans went to court to keep just these from being reconsidered, because rejected ballots are not supposed to be recounted and there are 2000 other rejected ballots that King county will not inspect. Which is, of course, highly suspect. "Finding" 500-plus ballots to be valid after a month and a half of voting is a little too convenient, especially since it occured in a county the Dems needed to get more votes from, and even more suspect is the fact that they won't even INSPECT the other rejected ballots. It's kinda sickening. I wonder if all those nutjob groups in Ohio will come to Washington State and protest the obviously flawed, non-transparent King County recount process. I doubt it.


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