Monday, December 13, 2004

Ohio Electoral Nonsense

Well, today is the day that Ohio's electors officially cast their Electoral Collage ballots, as do the other 49 states and DC. And hopefully, the pointless, not-really-all-that-effective bickering from the "Glibs" and various Dems will go away. Ohio is already becoming the next Florida in Democratic/Left-Leberal folklore. Either there weren't enough ballot boxes, or they were tampered with, or their were undervotes or Keith Olbermann's sinking rating demanded a unique story. All this will hopefully be put to rest. Once the official ballots are cast and recorded, all that is left is for Congress to certify the count, and that will be that. Congress has little influence in this other than a rubber stamp. As Michael Moore(ugh) pointed out in "F 9/11", if a member of the House and a member of the Senate object, their can be a hold up, and House members may object, as they did in 2000. However, I doubt a single Senator will object. Why? Because the Senate tends to be more reasonable, and not having to get elected every two years makes Senators more eve-keeled and since there is really no evidence of massive voter fraud or anything else out of the ordinary(yes, there were a certain number of ballots without Preisdential votes(undervotes or overvotes), but the dirty secret is that there are ALWAYS under or overvotes and that according to law, since voter intent is impossible to discern, they are simply not counted in the Presidential race in Ohio. As they were in Florida.

Now, the claim from advocates of the recount is "electoral transparency". This is all well and good. We should have transparent elections. But what some in Ohio are getting at, such as Jesse Jackson and his lawyer, that fraud was so widespread that it would change the results, is absurd. The fact is, all elections are transparent. The records are always there to look at, and there are always undervotes and overvotes and every year if you wantes you could call for recounts and waste time, going back to FDR. Hell, percentage wise Pennsylvania and Michigan were closer than Ohio. Why not recount them? I reject the view that this recount effort is anything but an attempt to buck another "asterix" next to the election of George W. Bush, and an attempt to start a fraud issue that will keep Liberal hate flowing for another four years. Remember, the Florida "fraud" got votes out this year. Not enough, but a lot. Without a tale of a stolen election for 2008, what will get out the base? Up to a point, an examination of teh system is important, but the sad fact is is that no election has ever been 100% on-target mistake free. I can't think of a single National Election in which every vote has counted, simply because of the importance of election law. The Kerry/Edwards camp had that mantra, which was false on it's face precisely because they knew that not every vote would ever be counted. The National rate of spoilage is like 2.4% or something. It was lower in Ohio. And yet still these people are not happy. If the Ohio Supreme Court decides to suspend certification of the electors, I'll be very surprised, as the proponents of the recount pay lip service to transparency, but really want a Florida redux to polarize the Nation further. Pathetic.


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