Monday, December 13, 2004

Shopping-The FInal Blue/Red Frontier

You know, I thought the post-election calls for "healing" were pretty much BS. I mean, both sides say we, as a Nation, must come together. Now, that's all well and good. We should accept our elected leaders, but we shouldn't bend over backward and let them do whatever they want if we oppose them. This was the Republican credo in the 90's during the Clinton Years, and I have no objection to well reasoned Democratic oppostion to Dubya, even if I think it's wrong. As long as it's rational, who needs healing when you have a good political argument and are angry it's ignored? The Reagan Revolution didn't happen because the GOP decided to let LBJ's victory over Goldwater end the Conservtive movement in America. After all, politics is war without bloodshed. I say, fuck healing, let the best arguments win.

Still, I don't like the "red vs. blue" divide. It's stupid. The whole 51% sucks, go 48%! Rah-rahing by anti-Bush foreigners is stupid and displays a heavily ignorant take on the intracacies of American politcs. Assuming that all voters for Kerry voted for him for the same reasons and vice/versa for Bush is stupid. America is more complex. Which is why I hate Red State/Blue State comparisons. It's a simplistic political view that only morons would subscribe too. Which is why I shouldn't be surprised by, an online effort to "educate" Democratic voters about which companies give to which party, so that if your favorite store happens to give more to the GOP than the Dems, you can drop them and move to a "blue-friendly" store. What crap! If capitalism has taught is anything, it's that poltiics should have nothing to do with our choices as consumers. What should? Why, quality products, of course. In a free market, the best products win. Why do you think people of all political stripes love Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream? The two lovable fatties who started the busisness are near socialistic in their political statements and thier giving, but I could care less because their ice cream tastes so good. Plus, they're hypocrites because they got rich off a system them now beat up on. But that's the beauty of American capitalism-the best product wins. "W" brand ketchup never sold as well as Heinz because Heniz is, frankly, much, much better. I don't care who profits off it. They made a better product, I'm going to buy it.

Buy Blue is up in arms now because the founder of, which is doing really, really well this season, gives a lot of cash to the GOP. So? He made money with an innovative internet business and should be able to spend how he likes. When Barnes & Nobles sells DVD's and other stuff that cheaply and efficiently, maybe I'll switch(Buy Blue likes B&N). But I'm not paying an extra, say, $20, because of party affiliation. If Jeff Bezon gave all of his money to the Green party I wouldn't care. He has the superior product, and it should win. In an already divided country, must we divide outselves further in the way we shop? It's just so stupid and pointless. I want to enjoy my life without various interest groups telling me what to buy. I'm gonna buy what I like to buy from where I like to buy it. Case closed. Capitalism isn't about politics. It's about product. Down with BuyBlue or andy Republican counterpart mission. Build a better ketchup, and maybe I'll buy it. Maybe.


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