Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Were You Aware...

...that Afghanistan just inaugurated it's first democratically elected leader? Just 3 years after being a Taliban stronghold? It's not front page news. Sure, the country still has some issues to deal with, including Osama-hunting and warlord types, but Karzai's elecetion and inauguration went off without a hitch. The former KING of the country was there. I wonder if this will get the notice it deserves. Probably not, as statements of the obvious by the NY Times are more important. The Washington Post story about Shiite endorsement of elections is good news as well, but it's not getting a lot of play elsewhere. I find it comforting that the Shiite leaders have declared voting to be "a religious and national duty". I think most Muslims feel this way. Just don't look for it on the NY Times.


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