Friday, December 03, 2004

Who Knew The Dutch Were So Clever?

We've discussed the Dutch quite a bit here lately, ever since the horrific murder of Theo Van Gogh. I was rather critical of the permissive culture that I believe allowed the murder to take place, and I also have issues with the fact that for such a "liberal" country, Holland has a really poor freech speech record. They still have to work some things out.

That said, there's an utterly hilarious and facinating story in the Wall Street Journal today about how Dutch intelligence set up and ran it's own Communist Party back in 1969 and used it to keep an eye on the goofy Reds that were in their society. It's on the paid only page of the Journal Online, but
Instapundit at least has the funniest bit of the piece, about an angry ex-member who used to give 20%(!) of his income to the party, which was in fact a bunch of Dutch spooks. He want's his money back. The guy who used to run the show? He calls the Commie "an idiot".



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