Wednesday, January 26, 2005

About that Full Report on "Climate Change"...

I promised to have read and posted about the actual report on global warming and climate change that I ranted about Monday. Well, I did read the entire report, and for 40 pages it's short on facts, citiations, and actual science. You can read the whole thing yourself here. (There's a link there to the PDF that has the full report). In the end, it wasn't as alarmist as Drudge or that idiot in the Telegraph made it out to be, but then again, the alarmist press release was the "news" that mattered. On the issue I cared most to find cited, global warming, the opening parargraph states that most scientist believe that global warming in happening and that human behavior is tha cause. Their citation? Another political panel report, not actual science. I didn't bother looking up THAT report, but I'd guess they might reference a different panel themselves. Anyway, go read it if you wish, and check out the Center for American Progress webpage that it's on. As I said, these people are in my building. I see 'em every day, and man, they are ANGRY (grrrr!) about dubya. It's not a think tank, it's a group-think tank!


Blogger Tim Worstall said...

A small request for you.
As these people are in the same building as you would you like to print off a few copies of this article:,
stick it up on notice boards, slip it into their mailbox, just generally wave it around so that they see it?
A report on their reactions would also be welcome :-)

Sat Jan 29, 09:52:00 AM 2005  

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