Monday, January 24, 2005

Actual Election Criminals Charged!

After hundereds of hours of research into allegations of election fraud and intimdation in Ohio, culminating in the stupidist debate in Congressional history, charges against those who sought to disrupt the 2004 presidential election have been brought. In Milwaukee. Against Democrats. Whoops.

Some may remember that back on November tires were slashed at GOP headquarteers in Milwaukee, WI on vehicles that were to be used to get out the vote on election day. I guard at the HQ wrote down the license plate numbers, and now, all these months later, 5 people have been charged with felonies, because the damage to the vehicles was above the $2500 threshold fro felony destruction of property charges. Two of the men charged are the sons of prominent Milwaukee Democrats. Whoops again. It took 12 weeks because witnesses had dispersed to different states, and the prosecutor, Michael McCann, asked FBI agents to conduct the interviews, as lying to an FBI agent is a federal offense, and McCann wanted air-tight charges. He rightly sees these tactics as a stain on his city. I wonder if Barbara Boxer would have stood to protest the Wisconsin electors, in a state statistcally closer than Ohio, if she had only known that these charges were forthcoming. Or maybe I'm impuning her integrity?


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