Thursday, January 06, 2005

Election 2004...It Never Really Ends...

Everyone should turn on C-Span today at about 1 PM Eastern time, because you'll have a chance to watch the Democrats do something so unbelievably stupid that it Trumps all the other stupid things they've done over the past 4 years combined. Not content with a Ohio recount that still somehow allowed the President to win handily, members of the Congressional Black Caucus, Democrats all, even when there is black Republican Congressman (JC Watts wasn't a member of the Caucus), are once again going to challange the electors of a state they lost fairly. But unlike in 2000, when Al Gore himself told them to get over it, the House Dems have a Senator to sign their complaint, Sen. Barbara Boxer of California. According to Jim Geraghty at NRO, Boxer was very iffy on wanting to torpedo her career completely, but as that first article said, she has agreed to sign onto the challange. So, for the first time since 1877, a slate of electors are being officially challanged in the Congress.

What will happen? As I understand the rules, a couple hours of debate, then a vote, then Bush is officially President again. Now, why is this a dumb move for the Democrats? Well, for one thing, the party has virtually nothing to base the complaint on. At least in 2000 there was a real feeling on the Democratic side that the elction had been stolen, and reasonable people could see why they were angry. Now it just looks sad. The Congressional Dems who've signed the letter are the same ones who did so in 2000, and are so locked into their seats that they could literally shoot the Pope, a Rabbi, and an Iman and still win re-election handily. They're like the Rupublicans in 1998 who were so pro-impeachment. The country ended up hating them, but Tom DeLay's majority leader now. Same with these members. Senator Boxer, on the other hand, must be planning on retiring, because this story will follow her for years. Yeah, the San Fransisco community she lives in will love her, but California, while a Blue state and willing to send elected officials packing(How's the weather, Gray Davis?), is also a place that moderate Republicans CAN do well in, if motivated. If she ever wanted to be Governor, she just shot herself. John Kerry is also not doing too much to stop this. He could call Boxer and tell her not to. She might listen. It's bad for the party, he could say, it makes us look like losers. But he's only said he wasn't going to contest it, actually hat tipped Conyers about "problems" in Ohio that should be fixed, and is currently in the Middle East, away from a vote on the subject. Why can't the Democrats "MoveOn" as it were? They are probably trying to create the sense that Ohio 2004 was Florida 2000 all over again, but that doesn't pan out. It shows the Public that their party is in dissaray, that they seem to be the stick in the mud gang, and that they're far too willing to fall for bizzare conspiracy theories. This is the party who's candidate got 48% of the vote, more than Al Gore. That's something to build on. This will just hurt the nation as a whole as well, since idiots like Castro and Kim Jong-Il can tell their enslaved populace that Democracy is a sham. This challange, based on no evidence and vague allegations, is absurd. This could mark the day the Dems really do become the permanent minority party. Watch history unfold at 1!


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