Thursday, January 20, 2005

I Didn't Go To the Inagural, and now I regret It...

Well, I have today off, and I have a pair of pretty good tickets to the inagural, and because it is cold and I wanted an extra hour-plus of sleep, I decided to watch the inagural from my apartment, which is about 2 miles from the Capitol. On TV, not the roof. That would be stupid. Anyway, Trent Lott is talking now, so I can type. I think I'm gonna be pissed at myself for not going. I wasn't sure, until I stumbled upon the protest being covered on C-Span 2. That great, stupid group, International ANSWER, a front group for the Worskers World Party(So extreme, they left the Socialist's in the 60's), had some of the most hilarious speeches I've ever heard. One guy claimed the US was about to bomb Cuba, and another woman, part of the "National Committee to Free the Five", pleaded with the crowd to help he release the "innocent" five men who came from Cuba to stop American Terrorism in Cuba. Yeah, I was confused too, until it became obvious that these guys were sent to prison for espionage. They were spies! Here is the Google search for "The Cuban Five". Clink on a link and wonder, exactly, what the Five did. It's hard to figure out. Apparently they are peaceful group unjustly jailed(in the 90's) for just loving Cuba. Some sites suggest they get the Noble Peace Prize. I guess that's the Yassar Arafat MEMORIAL Noble Peace Prize. Anyway, turns out these guys infiltrated a group called "Brothers to the Rescue" a group of Miami-based Cubans who search for Cuban refuges crossing over to the US by homemade rafts. In 1996, two planes were shot down by these "Anti-terrorist" men of "peace". They were arrested and covicted by a court of law for conspriacy and failure to register as foreign agents, ie, they were spies for a foreign power. I wonder why the socialists like them so much?

Anyway, I regret not being their so after Bush speaks, I could laugh at them, and then get some of their hand out to read, post here, and make fun of some more. Plus, I went to the inagural in 2001, and it was fun. Of course, I have a good view of Dubya here, and it's warm, so I guess I'll live. Dubya is now sworn in again, so I'm listening now.


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