Monday, January 31, 2005

Was The Iraqi Election a Success? Well, if John Kerry isn't Sure, It Must Have Been Great!

I admit that I was, justifiably I think, concerned with how well the Iraqi elections would go yesterday. When I was nodding off Saturday night, there had just been a rocket attack on the US Embassy, and polls were just opening. When I woke up Sunday morning, I found that during my rest the Iraqi people had come out and voted in large numbers, that they openly defied the terrorist thugs who seek, quite literally, to keep them from determining their own fate. I watched dumbstruck as reporter after reporter gave glowing, almost ebullient reports from Iraq's polling places, and people danced and shouted for joy behind them, and the inked finger became a new symbol of democracy in action, as much as orange winterwear was a symbol in the Ukraine. Then I turned on Meet the Press.

John Kerry demonstrated yesterday why he has no business being President of the United States. He said tha the first free election in 50 years shouldn't be "overhyped". Would he have said that if he were our Commander in Chief Sunday? I5 75,000 votes had swung teh other way in Ohio, would he have announced to the world as the American President that Iraqis really shouldn't be so excited? Well, I don't know what he would have said, but I've never been happier he isn't in a position to say anything important about anything. Before the election, when I felt Bush might lose, and might indeed almost deserve to lose, I told myself and friends that I found Kerry less objectionable than Al Gore, and that I thought that if he were to win, it wouldn't be a disaster, just not what I hoped for. Boy, I'm taking that back. If Kerry runs for President again in 2008, I will actively campaign for whoever is running against him in the primary. If he runs, I may have to work for Hillary, and I would do it, too, if it meant keeping this intellectual moron from possibly gaining the White House. He has no shame, he has no clue, and he is tone deaf and tin eared when it comes to the future of America. To think I once had some respect for this guy. Notice how the smart Dems were cautiously optmistic, instead of openly dismissive of the vote? Kerry sounded like a poster on Democratic Underground, a guy who just hates the President so much that anything good that may happen under his watch has to be destroyed and picked to pieces. DU was especially nasty yesterday. Why can't, for one day, people put asie partsianship? Aaron Brown, a liberal Bush-hater if their ever was one, was honest enough to realize that he actually has democratic values when he said last night that no matter what your politics, you had to be happy to see the images you saw out of Iraq yesterday. Not everyone, Aaron, is as honest as you. Today, John Podhoretz, who I met, breifly, in a french cafe in NYC's Upper West SIde with Kang when I was up their for the convention (real nice guy, by the way. Podhoretz, not Kang. Kang is ruthless) has the right word for Kerry and his ilk: "losers" I would add "pathetic" as well. Here's to a new, free Iraq. If someone asks you what you think about the elections, give 'em the finger.


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