Friday, January 14, 2005

Zell Miller-Crazy Man or Visionary?

Remember when Zell Miller wrote "A National Party No More", openly slammed the Democratic leadership, and then gave a firey speech at the Republican Convention (Which Kang and I saw in New York, just not at the Garder? Remember all those Dems who called him a looney, tried to tar him as a racist, called him horrible things? Yeah, I remember that too. They don't have any problems with Fritz Hollings and Robert Byrd, two of their "lions" of the Senate, who had much more extensive racsist histories(Byrd, of course, being a former big wig in the W. Virginia Klan, who had used the N word on TV just a few years prior.) Well, Democrats are good at having short memories(It's elephants who never forget, of course), as Rich Lowry points out today in NRO. Lowry gives a list of three Miller-esque quotes, some that seem to be cribbed from his book, and the tells us that these are not Miller's words, but the analysis of the problems facing the Democrats by three prominents pols on their side of the aisle. Turns out ol' Zell was a lot smarter than his colleagues gave him credit for at the time. I can see Democrats after the '06 elections, finally realizing, after another humiliation, that Miller was right, and possibly begging the man who claimed he would "Die a Democrat" to come back. I don't think he'll be listening to them at that point, but I giggle a bit when I think about it.


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