Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Dowd With Love

There's a great new blog up, titled, rather elegantly for a blog these days, "I Disagree with Maureen Dowd". The author simply takes each Dowd column, starting in January, and demolishes it in the most pleasant way possible. I almost hate that I got the link from Wonkette, but a)she(Ana Marie) is a hottie, and b)it's not even the real Wonkette this month. It probably SEEMS like too much work to demolish a Dowd colulmn every time she publishes one, but she's so dull-witted that the author probably has the thing written in the time it take MoDo to come up with what wierd sexual fetish she's going to apply to the administaration this week. She's running low. I think something like this on Krugman would be nice, but trying to decode the bizzare, twisted, pretzel logic that Krugman has to use to write his columns so that he can claim he's being intellectually consistant would probably take down a fleet of super computers. Better to have Kang do it.
Update (Kodos): Fred Reed's latest column find her "so achingly tedious that men find themselves thinking of moldy bath sponges". Ugh.
And Monty, Wonkette? Hot or Not, I am sickened by her exposure (and paycheck). I saw her on Charlie Rose last night with Sullivan, Trippi & Reynolds. Yeah, that makes sense.

Update: (CM Burns) Yeah, she came off as the weak link next to those three. But she seemed less awful than her blog, though she's never, you know, actually done any REAL reporting. Still hot, though! But she doesn't even get Kos level traffic. How does Nick Denton pay her that much?

Update: (Kang) Young hottie gets rediculously overpayed for some "job" by an older male(yawn). Gee that's hard to figure, I'm perplexed at that arrangement.


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