Friday, February 18, 2005

Interesting Contrasts onThe Post's Op/Ed Page

The new meme from the Left is that the Iraqi elections have produced a new, Islamic, Iran-friendly government, that will eventually prove our efforts worthless. At least, that was the point of Robin Wright's WaPo "analysis" piece earlier this week. The article is mypoic and ready to assume the worst about the Shiites, yet it displays a massive ignorance of the history of the Shiites, the kind of government they have pledged to build, and the realities of a relationship between a Shiite-led Iraq and a Shiite-led Iran. In today's Post Op/Ed page, Robert Kagan takes on "Shiites and Stereotypes" and shows just how close-minded the left has become on Iraq. That closemindedness is then perfectly on display in the column just below his by David Ignatius.

In "Allwai's Vision" Ignatius gives us the departing thoughts of the "US-backed" interim Prime Minister of Iraq(who has done a great job). Allawi comes off sounding like a bit of a sore loser and Ignatius uses his sore-loserness to paint the picture of an Iraq taken over by a theocratic regime. Ignatius parses his words, never actually saying "theocracy", but he calls the new government "religious-backed", and says that Allawi will be the secular oposition. Ignoring the stated intentions of the Shiite religous leaders who claim, rather convincingly, that they don't want an Iranian model government. Ignatius shows the close-mindedness that Kagan demolished in the space just above. It makes you wonder if the editor of the Opinion page actually has a perverse sense of humor, or just has it in for Ignatius, who comes off looking like a bit of a defeatist, and Allawi, why, he sounds just like any other politician who just lost. How American of him. Ignatius doesn't get it. Kagan does. Read 'em both at the same place to find out.


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