Thursday, February 10, 2005

Media Matters for America: What, Exactly, Is Their Point?

In a duel attempt to answer a pressing question and satistfy my own ego, I would like someone, somehow, to explain the point of

Media Matters for America, the "media watchdog" group started by former Conservative attack dog, now Liberal attack dog and self-proclaimed liar David Brock. Brock fessed up in his book that not only had he made up his attacks on Anita Hill back in '91(or was it '92?), he gave Stephen Glass esque make-'em-ups to teh American Spectator for years. He was fired when he admitted it. Now, he's "repented", and is a "hero" to the left. And he's got this group that essentially thinks that BRAIN WILLIAMS(!) is a GOP shill. So, what's their point? Is it comedy, because their media critiques essentially boil down to "Rush Limabugh is a Conservative and that makes me angry"? Their message boards are funny, and the criteria they apply to "news" personalities is hysterical. You'd think Sean Hannity was a major anchor and that O'Reilly is a straight news program, not a discussion program not usually presented as "fact". Someone, please, explain them to me, because I don't understand. Also, just read it and gape. I think many right-wing media critics like the Media Research Council to to relax sometimes, but these people are hysterica.

By the way, they went after Brian Williams for calling Rush Limbaugh a success. Well. Limabugh is, isn't he? I mean, you can disagree with him, but you can't deny he's been immensly successful. What's the matter with these people? Of course, the answer may be obvious, but I still want one.


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