Monday, February 07, 2005

Rummy Kicks Russert Around a Bit

Recently it was revealed that Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld offered twice to resign in the wake of the Abu Gharib prisoner abuse scandal. The President said no. Well, whether Rummy should have gone at the time is up for debate, but since he's not gone, we great great moments like this one from "Meet the Press". Russert was going to go after Rumsfeld for his "heartless" remark to the poor, brave soldier who dared question him about the lack of up-armored Humvees in Iraq. Russert cliped just two lines from Rumsfeld's lengthy response, the two most damning, of course, and tried to get him on it. Rummy turned it around on him, and read the whole, three paragraphs worth of stuff that Rumsfeld actually said to the kid. Now, I remember when this "story" broke. All that the news showed was the two lines Russert quoted. I read the full exchange on the web, but the MSM echo chamber turned it into just two lines. Yesterday, Rumsfeld go payback, and it was sweet. Too bad no one will correct it. But I'm glad Rummy knows how to stick up for himself.


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