Thursday, February 10, 2005 Actually Ads Positive Thing to World

I rarely have anything good to say about, being that they are as close to me politically, as, say, your average Deaniac. But they are good for a few things, usually intersesting arts reviews, a great TV column, and laughs whenerver Sid Blumenthal or Joe Conason don teir tin-foil caps and screech out a coulmn.

Today, though, they give me a reason to consider reading them all the time. It's a new project they've launched called "THE DAOU REPORT", a sort of Instapundit without commentary that lists what the major left and right wing blogs are posting on, as well as giving links to not quite left or right plotiical bloggers and media critics on both sides. It's a fun read, and it's well put together. I think it's terrific, actually, and worth sitting through the short Salon Day Pass thing. If you want to know what the various areas of the blogosphere are talking about today, the Daou Report is, frankly, the best resource out there. Cheers to them.


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