Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The USS Jimmy Carter -An ATTACK Sub?

That wacky Drudge has a decent sense of irony. It seems that the newest Seawolf-class Nuclear attack submarine the Navy is going to commission is named the USS Jimmy Carter. Please stop laughing. No, really, they're naming a fast-attack sub after the man who once asked his advisers if the troops on the ill-fated mission to rescuse our hostages in Iran if they could use non-lealthal weapons, like darts or something(this was before today's age when you can actually do that. It was like SciFi back then). Now, I know Carter was a Naval Academy grad, and I know he served on a Sub, but seriously, isn't life too strange? Carter should have gotten his name on a medical ship or something. Or a big troop transport, or one of those ships we only send to help in disaster relief, like a scow or something. Well, Reagan got a flattop, as did Kennedy. Mondale got a Laundry Ship(OK, not really, but you've seen that Simpsons episode). Good Presidents get carriers. For God's sake, the man gutted the military! If, in fact, Sub warfare like that imagined when the Seawolf was initially proposed actually ver happened, would the words "Sir, the Carter is tracking us!" ever send a chill down anyone's spine?


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