Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Jon Stewart-The Last Sane Liberal?

I've always been a fan of Jon Stewart. Even though I mostly avoided "The Daily Show" during and after the election, I've come back to it, as Stewart seems to have accepted the Bush won, and also because he and his news crew seem to think that Howard Dean was a really bad choice to be Dem chairman. Also, Stephen Colbert is the second funniest correspondent ever(First is a tie between Steve Carrell and Brian Unger(The Kilborne days, my friends). Anyway, ever since the Iraqi election, Stewart has been quite honest in his enthusiaism that real change might be on the way in the Middle East. He's even honest enought o temper his enthusiam for his honest misgivings about the war from the start. But he saw those lebanses in the street and he saw the purple finger raised, and he hoped that good will happen there. He even admitted to Fareed Zakariah after the election that his misgivings aside, when you see peple vote in an honest election, liberals are supposed to be happy with it.

Now, a lot of liberals were very upset. Democratic Underground, Juan Cole, every hard core leftist I can think of(though not most mainstream Washington Dems I know, the poor saps who tried so hard to make the rest of the party beat down the Dean invasion). Stewart, who is a comic first and political anaylst second(how can i say this? All good comics are beholden to the truth, because good comics know that the truth is always funnier. Not so with political analysts) was bubbly last night on his show about the anti-Syrian protesters. His guest, in an odd bit of irony, was former Clinton State Department official and Republican-hater Nancy Soderberg, author of "The Superpower Myth: The Use and Misuse of American Power. She was, apparently, to tell Stewart why the "neocons" were such horrible screw ups. What followed, and I admit I missed it as I turned it off when I heard the title of her book, was captured by James Taranto at Best of the Web. Stewart, enthused by the revolt in Beruit, would not come around to her style of thinking and challenged her on her points. Go read it. It's mesmerizing and funny, and I've got to watch the rerun tonight. Frankly, I have to applaud Jon Stewart. As the left goes nuts, he's still intellectually honest with himself and he's got the guts to speak his mind in a leftist culture that does NOT tolerate dissent, ie Bush Evil! Bravo, Jon.
(Hat tip: the Instapundit Himself)


Blogger Kang said...

OK, Unger is the best. But Carrell? I'll take Colbert over Carrell?

Thu Mar 03, 01:51:00 PM 2005  
Blogger Mike's America said...

When trying to understand Soderberg's outrageous comments, we need to consider the source:

She was on the staff of Senator Kennedy before joining the Clinton Gore Administration. As number 3 on the staff of the National Security Council, she was at Clinton’s right hand during much of the malfeasance we witnessed during that time.

When she remarks about something going wrong in North Korea, she ought to know. Sec. Albright and Soderberg were among the cabal of America apologists that thought they could buy good will from Kim Jong Il… Didn’t work DID IT!

Now, Bush is cleaning up the mess these people made and all they can do is hope he does not succeed…

Very sad… Politics used to stop at the water’s edge… But power and personal bitterness seems to be more important to these folks than their own nation’s success in making the world a freer, more peaceful place.

If Kerry had been elected, she would no doubt be back in office. God forbid!


Thu Mar 03, 02:45:00 PM 2005  

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