Friday, March 11, 2005

Someone At the NYTimes Must Have Read his Column...

Frank Rich, the "Arts Editor" of The New York Times is being moved to the Op-ed Page of the old, rusty death-like grey Lady. Rich, who I don't recall ever writing his page 1 arts column on anything other than how much he hates Republicans, is a voice of hysteria and poor logic, but will probably make more sense than Paul Krugman and Maureen Dowd on any given day. I wonder if now that Rich is on the op/ed page, he'll start writing about art again. He has to be better at that than he is at politics.

Personal kudos to Kang for keeping me up to date on politics, basketball, and whatnot during my recent stay in the hospital. I'm trying to find something fun to rant about, but I will say this-I have never been happier to live in a country without socilized medicine. If this were Canada, not only would I still be in the hospital, they wouldn't have even gotten around to admitting me yet. Thanks to all my docs, and the very nice, professional nursing staff at Virginia Medical Center. If I never see them again, it'll be too soon.


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