Thursday, March 31, 2005

Terri Shiavo Died Today, but Not Before I Have A Change of Heart

According to MSNBC Terri Schiavo has passed on. I would hope that everyone who said anything about this ever will now pause and reflect on her passing, pray for her family, and be dignified as she is laid to rest.

Also, I came to a conclusion the other day after I wrote my long response to Kang that, in the end, I wanted Ms. Schiavo to live, and that I was incorrect. Not legally, mind you, from a strict point of view, but from a moral standpoint. We are a Nation of laws, but we are not infallible, and I think we should err on the side of life when there is any doubt as to the person's final intentions. It's not too much to ask, and I think we could do worse things to the seperation of powers. Not a perfect argument, but this issue should never have been strictly "legal". I was wrong. I'm sorry she's dead. I think we failed her. Now if only we could leave the whole family in peace and debate the larger issues. That's not going to happen, but we can hope.

As to why I changed, don't think for a second that Kang had anything to do with it. I'm not going to give him that satisfaction. What happened was I looked at who was on "my" side, what they were saying, and what they in general believed in, and then I looked at the other side, which seemed a more diverse lot, from Sen. Lieberman to the President to even Jesse Jackson, and I felt that my side had no moral ground to stand on, and that the legal ground was too shaky for my conscience. I don't like to have to agree with people like Randall Terry and I wish that Tom DeLay would resign his seat,but I'll take them over MOST of the "let her die" crowd. I still like Andrew Sullivan, Glenn Reynolds, and others, but reading every day and trying to agree with them on it made me physically ill. So there you go. Rest in Peace, Terri.


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