Friday, April 01, 2005

Arnold Schwarzenegger Is America's Shrewdish Politician

When Ah-nold announced he would run for Governor of California in the 2003 recall election of Gov. Gray "Graft Redefined" Davis, many scoffed. When he won, humorists had a field day, chiding California as "the new Florida". Lewis Black, normally very funny and spot on about many things political, ranted about how awful it was. Saturday Night Live, under the direction of head writer and "Weekend Update" anchor Tinay Fey, basically played every Schwarzennger stereotype for all they were worth. (I mention Fey only because 6 months into Schwarzenegger's term, she was STILL doing lame-o jokes about him using a fake accent that would make the late Phil Harman vomit. Also, she's ruined SNL and I hate her for it. You suck, Tina).

Now, 18 months after he took office, Shwarzenneger's ascent is no laughing matter, at least to the Democrats who laughed initially. In a terrific article in Slate today titled "The Governator gets serious." Seth Faison explains how Schwarzennger has been able to govern effectively and bipass an openly hostile legislature by taking his budget initiatives to the people. California has been big on referendums, and Schwarzenegger is using them, going on TV and touring the state to sell his ideas from pension reform to a new, non-political way to draw up Congressional districts every four years. Faison is a big fan of this, as am I, as it will help end the easy ride incubants get in the state. Schwarzenneger, in Faison's view, is almost Reganesque in his charm, and has some old Reagan hands like George Schultz advising him. Looking at all he has done since taking office, at the changes he's made and wants to make, I think Arnold Schrwazenneger is America's shrewdist politician. He has a grasp on politcs that most Senator's don't. If he can't be President, can I suggest Arnold run against Barbara "Grandstand" Boxer for the Senate? I think California, and America, would both be winners in that equation. Also, "Predator" is the greatest Action film ever made. No point, just wanted to say it.


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