Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Huffington Post: If nothhing else, a fun read.

The big talk aroung the blogosphere is The Huffington Post, the celebrety group blog/drudgereport wannabee. It launched yesterday, and highlights include a kinda pathetic satrical post from "Seinfeld" creator Larry David about John Bolton, a strong feature called "Eat the Press from Harry Sheaer, former member of Spinal Tap and the voice of Mr. Burns, among others, on the Simpsons. Yes he's a liberal entertainer, but a surprisingly well-read one who just seems to loathe the press in general. Also, he's Mr. Freakin Burns. He gets my respect.

Huffington Post actually has some Cons and even neo-Cons on the rolls, like David Frum, his wife Danielle Crittenden, and John Fund, among some others. They tend to write current events posts that make sense. The left is represented by a couple Dem issues people, who at least know what they're talking about, but less admirably by Rob "Meathead" Reiner, John Cusak, and, oddly enough, HBO Fight Night commentator Jim Lampley.

Lampley heads off into barking Moonbat territory with his first post 'The Biggest Story of our Lives" in which Lampley uses the Vegas odds of a Kerry victory last November on election night as a jumping off point to declare that the election was obviously stolen. Clearing just waking up after several months in a coma, Lampley seems not to have realized that even Democratic Underground posters gave up on the theory after no credible witnesses could be brought forth. He also missed the massive debate about the exit polling and why it was off the mark, as he seems to have mistaken the early polling results that Drudge got ahold of that statisticians more competant than him have already gotten through. Lampley then suggests that all the "well-educated people" on Huffington's blog start a new revolution to right this epic wrong. Good lord, it's a hoot.

Other great nuggets from celebs, semi-celebs and others can be found on the page, including a laugh-inducing screed from Larry Gelbart, who created the hideously awful "M*A*S*H" TV show, certainly the most overrated piece of tripe ever to hit the airwaves. He raises the Orwellian flag pretty quickly. If only the Korea War hadn't lasted 11 years! Maybe he wouldn't be so paranoid. (Yes, yes, I know Alan Alda made the show worse than it was when he got all maudlin, but Gelbert took a funny, jocular left-leaning comic and turned him into a weeping leftist. Check out early Alda, not his recent roles. He's still funny, and he has talent.)

All in all, Arianna has created something that can be mocked incessetly for years to come. I thank her for that, if nothing else.


Blogger W.C. Varones said...

I agree entirely. The Huffington Post is terrible.

Sun May 15, 10:39:00 PM 2005  

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