Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Time to Ressurect the Keith Olbermann is a Jackass Bandwagon.

As perfect an example of why Sports reporters shouldn't do politics that Jim Lampley is, he still can't hold a candle to the sheer idiocy that is Keith Olbermann. Keith, the former ESPN anchor who left sports because he didn't want to live in Bristol, spent over a month chasing a story that didn't really exist last fall, when he tried to singlehandedly discover that Karl Rove had stolen the Election for the Republicans. He took rumor and innuendo as fact and hyped up the righteous, self-important "Conyers Committee" that failed to prove election fraud in Ohio (but had LOTS of rumors and innuendo!).

Now Keith is defending Newsweek against the White House, by saying that the adminsiatration is to blame for their screwing up the story, and that somehow Scott McClellan is guilty of treason! I Know! Keith thinks that because the Administration offered "No Comment" on the Koran-flushing story that it MUST be true, especially since several members of Al-Qaida, who have actually been trained to invent stories like that, said similar things have happened. Olbermann, as he often does, looks past the fact that the previous allegations were just that: allegations. The Newsweek case is different because it claims to have been from an authentic, forthcoming Pentagon report. It doesn't matter though, because Olbermann is not interested in facts. They get in the way. What a moron.

PS: Read that Keith piece and watch him claim that the "Right" owes Isikoff because he broke the Monica story. Does Keith think that Isikoff, who was essentially handed they story by Linda Tripp, should have sat on it? Isikoff is not a "right-wing hero" in any book but the one Olbermann keeps. Isikoff is an experienced reporter who should have known better than to write rumor as fact. But again, Keith thinks rumors ARE facts, so again, blame the adminsitration.


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