Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Tom Maguire Blogs on Newsweek So I Don't Have To.

As I was eating lunch today, I sat thinking that when I came back to my computer I was going to pen a piece for the blog that I thought would punch some major holes in the "fake bu accurate" meme that the Left is peddling. Susan Hu, the Kos poster that I just linked to, has gathered a large amount of sources that point to general mistreatment of Koran at the hands of guards at Gitmo. Now, it's all hearsay, really, as I trust the military a bit more than I trust the Islamists, but there was one confiremd case where the prisoners had a hunger strike after the Koran had been "tossed in a pile". See, I can believe that would happen, and I think the jihadists are nutty enough to strike over it. What I found odd was that if Koran's were being tossed into toilets, or buckets, or whatever on a consistant basis, why hadn't the entire population of detainees at Gitmo gone nuts over it? The absence of a protest over what is considerably worse than a Koran being tossed casually on a pile would seem to stick several holes in the whole "fake but accurate" idea. I was going to come back here and post this whole theory but I returned to notice that Tom Maguire had beaten me to it. So he put the pieces together faster. Damn. But I have one final point relating to Susan Hu's post at Daily Kos.

Ms. Hu, to her credit, does actual research before she posts. She related, in a post picked up by Andrew Sullivan that she called a DC lawyer who represents 10 detainees at Gitmo. After going to extreme lengths to establish that his clients never see each other(which seems a bit odd since a hunger strike would have to involve communication outside of tapping on cells) she tells us that she asked him if he had heard about abuse of the Koran:

[quote]He replied, "Yes, two detainees told me completely independently that they had witnessed a Qur'an being thrown in the toilet. Another told me that he had witnessed a Qur'an being stomped on. And another told me he had witnessed a Qur'an being urinated on."[/quote]
Seems disturbing, eh? Yet why no hunger strike? And Ms. Hu ignores the fact that Al Qaida tells it's members that if captured, talking about how the evil Americans descreatesd the Koran is SOP. My point is, if you distrust the military as much as Ms. Hu does, why should she trust the thrid hand accounts of jihadists who have been trained to lie. The fact that all these men who don't see each other ALL told about abuse of the Koran when prompted points more to a Al Qaida policy of making up horrifying stories of mistreatment(see all of Ms. Hu's other entries, which should be taken with a pound and a half of grains of salt) then it does about US policy, which sounds like it may not be uniformely perfect, but hardly seems to be breading people more sadistic than the Islamists themselves.

ETA: I would liek to add that I don't think Newsweek Reporter Isikoff should be fired or forced to resign( Drudgre reports he offered to and they said no). Unlike my colleague Kang, with whom I spoke about this yesterday, and unlike Milhouse, I don't think he was acting maliciously or doing as poor a job as CBS News did with "Rathergate". I also disagree with many on the right who think Newsweek has blood on it's hands. Newsweek's error, while leading to 16 deaths, was obviously not meant to inflame anyone. I would hope that commentators take the position of Irshad Manji and ask how messed up is the world of the Islamists that this rumor would cause major rioting? Perhaps instead of defending Isikoff, sites like Kos and Co. will realize that the terrorists really are as terrible as the President has been saying, and the Right can use it's ample platform to give voice to moderate Muslims who wonder who these crazies who hijacked their religion are. Let Isikoff off the hook. But someone stop Jim Lampley!


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