Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Hitchens Asks An Imprtant Question (In His Own Smarmy Way)

As always, Christopher Hitchens has written an excellent article on the ongoing campaign in Iraq, and, to a lesser extent, Arghanistan. In "Don't 'Son' Me - End this silly talk about sacrificing children" up on Slate Hitchens gets riled up about the repeated demands from anti-war types that if you support the war you'd better go yourself or send your kid, other wise you're a hypocrite. He's sort of taunting the hard core anti-war types, but his examples of why this demand is absurd are pretty strong. Also, he makes a point that I haven't heard pro-war people like myself making, but we should now. He wonders why we never hear calls for a timetable in Afghanistan. That is a good question. The funniest line though, is his response to a call for one of the President's daughters to enlist to "prove" the war is worth it:

"Do I know a single anti-war person who would be more persuaded if one of the Bush girls joined up? Do you? Can you imagine what would be said about such a cheap emotional stunt? Stalin's son was taken prisoner by the Nazi invaders (and never exchanged), and Mao's son was killed in the war that established the present state of North Korea. I am not sure how encouraging such precedents are supposed to be, but they have nothing at all to do with the definition of a just war."

Exactly right. Hitchens also asks if the anti-war crowd doesn't like the idea of civilian military control. Good question. Read the piece, and use it on someone next time they demand you or your kid volunteer for Iraq.


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