Friday, June 24, 2005

Karl Rove is Machiavelli Reborn

The other day Karl Rove said that the liberal response to 9/11 had been rather namby-pamby. This upset the Democrats who accidentally admitted that they think all Democrats are liberals(I know several Democrats who would disagree, some even in Congress!). They called on Rove to resign. Now, head over to Postwatch to compare and contrast the media response to a United States Senator, speaking on the floor of the Senate, essentially linking US Troops with Nazis and a political operative speeaking at a NY Conservative Party dinner who called liberals, a term which does not necessarily mean "Democrat", a little weak on terror. Looking at the coverage, you might think Rove called all Democrats anti-American fifth columnists. That he never mentioned the word "Democrat" says to me that Rove deliberately wanted this to happen, this storm that allows the rest of us to go back and look at what liberals(not always Democrats) said post-9/11. Scroll down the Postwatch article to the comments and a poster has already laid out MoveOn's position, which was no war on Afghanistan. Why, that is a bit crazy and weak-kneed. Why are Democrats defending that? Because that's what Rove wanted them to do. The man is freakishly intelligent, Machiavelli reborn. The Democrats always say he's an evil genius, but why do they keep falling for his traps? I think it's because they're idiots with no agenda save obstructionism, but I only have a graduate degree in Politics, what do I know.


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