Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The One Conservative at Huffington Post

My last posting, over a week ago, was about the total lack of Conservative (or REAL celebrity) voices over at HuffingpaintPost. Well, I'm a gluton for punishment, and I read the site every day, watching Arianna and her drooling admirers/lackeys get worked up over the Downing Street stuff and, lately, Gitmo. Today, I finally found an intellegent, Conservative poster at the blog, and his name is Michael Smerconish.

Apparently he's a tlak radio host/lawyer from Philadelphia. I've never heard of him before, though he's written for NRO and other Conservative outlets, as well as recently penning a book called "Flying Blind" about the holes that still exist in out airport security screening. He makes a case for a sort of profiling, based on the experieneces of the man who stopped the "20th Hijacker" from entering the US, Jose Melendez-Perez, a security officer at Orlando International Airport.

Today at HuffPost, Smerconish relates a radio interview with SecDef Rufsfeld. It's an interesting piece, especially for the HuffPost and is probably the only place a left-winger will read that poor "Detainee 063", whom Time wants to make into a symbol of National Shame(TM Dick Durbin) was the 20th Hijacker, Mohammed al-Qahtani, whom we caught fighting US Troops with the Taliban after he was deported in August of 2001. Reading Smerconish's piece, I'm reminded again that so many of those who hat Gitmo don't seem to realize exactly who we've got there. Many op-ed's and politicians are demanding we close down the prison and, essentially, do nothing with the prisoners. That these men, if released, would certainly go back to plotting against us is of no concern. Better Americans or innocent Iraqis be killed by Jihadists than to have the Jihadists locked away in a place that makes them feel bad about themselves and is occasionally uncomfortable. Smericonish is likely to be savaged by the idiots who hang on Arianna's every whim, so maybe a positive comment on his post might be in order.


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