Thursday, July 07, 2005

We Stand with the Brits

The British have been steadfast supporters of the war on terror, and even when they disagree with us, they still like us, with the exception of George Galloway. Anyway, for all in London and the British Isles, know that all our thoughts and prayers are with you.

On a side note, just to demonstrate why I am fed up with the Left (not liberals/Demcorats. Leftists/"progressives"). Head over to the comment section off the news story of the London bombings at The Huffington Post. Read them, if you can. Getting sick is understandable. It's worse than Democratic Underground. A good number of their readers seem to think Karl Rove planned it to get the "heat" off of him in Plamegate, or that Bush did it to make Tony Blair commit more to the war effort, or that they both were involved to buck up Blair and Bush's ratings in the polls. The far Left, which wants to control the Democratic party(it doesn't, not quite yet), has been driven mad by their hatre d of the President. It sickens me. Take a look and judge for yourself, though. It's amazing, really.


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