Monday, September 26, 2005

Cindy Tries To Restart Her Circus

Ciny Sheehan, the "peace mom" with a whole lot of really nutty ideas that the media keeps failing to mention in profiles of her, was just arrested outside the White House for blocking a public walkway. It was an obvious ploy to thrust herself back into the public eye after this weekend's "antiwar" march in Washington (read Anti-Isreal, anti-Bush) failed to bring much attention to her, party because the anti-war movement continues to lack a cohesive message and partly due to way too much Hurricane coverage.

I watched Sheehan get arrested on MSNBC. She was smiling and quite happy about the entire thing. I know the Park Police, who can't just let her sit there and impeed traffic, had to arrest her. However, I hate this kind of tactic because it's a cynical ploy to gain attention, and it always works. I'm sure Chris Matthews will be up in arms tonight, and the Kos Kids will start crying "police state". Hopefully, she'll continue to be ignored.


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