Sunday, December 11, 2005

"The Panic Over Iraq"/Dongzhou

Norman Podhoretz 's must read. The chutzbah of Zbigniew Brzezinski & Brent Scowcroft critiquing this adminstrations' foreign policy is jaw dropping. Even reliable 'wingers in my circle of aquantance have to critize Bush (Is that you Monty?). It's the CW, the zeitgeist. The post war planning, disbanding of the police, etc. etc . Prima facia incompetence by an president that can't find Iraq on a map.

The conventional wisdom on Iraq/Bush is not just wrong, but the spasm of a failed worldview. The Dongzhou massacre won't fire up any demonstrations on the left. Andrew Sullivan will say the right things but won't match his fury against water-boarding terrorists because this really isn't about human rights violations. It's anti-western/anti-Americanism/anti-semitism circa 1933. Some portion of the 'left' would make common cause with head-hackers, for the enemy is us.

This is a media war. (Is there any way to understand Sharon but through this prism?). I can thus understand the McCain amendment, but's it's wrong headed and weak where we should be strong. A healthy culture at war would not concede such moral culpability. We would be (will be) attacked by the 'left' notwithstanding. Better to win big and keep advancing:
Onward to Iran. Who's with me?


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