Monday, February 13, 2006

Peggy Noonan On Mrs. King's Funeral

I agree with the positive, why's everyone (on the right) so outraged feelings about Coretta Scott King's funeral that Peggy Noonan writes about in her Friday WSJ column. Frankly, comparisons to the Wellstone rally were absurd, and all this huffing and puffing on the right just shows WHY the GOP can't pick up black votes.

Here's a funeral for the wife of the greatest black activist ever who was no slouch when it came to activism on her own part. So no one can say anything political? The woman's entire LIFE was political, and guess what, she probably never voted Republican after, say, Eisenhower(if she could even get to the polls back in he bad old days of Jim Crow and poll taxes, etc). Yes, it's all well and good to make fun of Jimmy Carter, and please, lets do it some more, but not for this. Republican's already have major problems getting African-American votes. So what's the solution? Why, complaining about a funeral for the matriarch of the Civil Rights movement! Not a good call, nor a particularly wise battle to wage. Especially after Ken Mehlman has apologized for the Southern Strategy that pushed blacks away from the party in the first place.

It's bad enough that Al Franken has been able to use the unfounded Criticism of this funeral to repost hisrather disingenuous take on the truly awkward and uncomfortable Wellstone event in 2002. And Al, Ventura left early BECAUSE of the booing and the rah-rah mentality. Yes, not everyone was booing, but your numbers are a little...low. The whole event, which can be found onlne, betrays Al's take, but because of Republican idiocy on King's funeral, Al comes off as "setting the record straight". Which is BS, but still, the GOP gave it to him.

Anyway, Noonan is very spritual, and her take on the funeral is the correct one, I think. The worst remarks were Carter's and they were hardly even cringeworthy. If that's the worst in a 6-hour event, I think that there's very little to complain about. Come on, the right isn't supposed to be overly sensitive, that's the left's job. The office of the President was not disparaged, and the President himself wasn't mentioned by name. Let this go, and fight real battles. This is a case of the GOP making political hay out of a fuenral, not Democrats. We should shut up and move on to real issues.


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