Tuesday, November 30, 2004

The Terrible Tyranny of Turtle Bay

Ah, the United Nations. Such a noble idea. Some really proud moments. Now, a cesspool of corruption, anti-Americanism, anti-semitism, (no links needed for those two) and sexual harrassment. Well, it was all of those things since the 1970's, but the sexual harrassment thing is new. Anyway, with the revelations today that Secretary General Kofi Annan's son Kojo (I know!) was up to his neck in the Oil-for Food scandal, the sheer ammount of criminal activity going on at the UN is finally becoming impossible to ignore, as much as Kofi Annan would like to ignore it. Even CNN noticed this morning, and Jack Cafferty was calling for Annan to resign. I still say shut the whole thing down or install an American Secretary General (or Vaclav Havel?) since we pay for most of the upkeep on the place AND give them a rent-free home. Others have more practical ideas.

The Astute Blogger suggests lobbying the Senate for Helms/Biden Redux, where the US would cut off all UN funding until the place gets cleaned up. It sorta worked last time, and would at least give us some leverage at the World's Most Useless organization. Sure, other countries would say we were trying to "influence" the UN but if France and Germany love the UN so much, let them pay for it. The ever thoughtful Jed Babbin has the same idea in that first article I linked to. I just want to wash my hands of the place.

...and a partridge in a pear tree

Xrlq explains the state action doctrine, for the constitutionally illiterate:
By that reasoning, I want my employer to buy me a printing press, a gun, a soldier-free house, a guarantee no cop will ever intrude in it without probable cause, just compensation for the last house of mine that was condemned, a free attorney if I am ever charged criminally, another attorney if I am ever sued civilly, indemnity for any unreasonably high fines I've ever been required to pay, other rights not mentioned here, and an assurance that Congress won't regulate in any area other than as explicitly provided for in the Constitution.

Monday, November 29, 2004

I looked myself up on the dictionary and they marked me as stupid

Liberal celebrities (excuse the redundancy) and many other breads of lovable Democrats adore the following age-old wisecrack:
If you look up Republican in the dictionary, it's just after reptile and just before repugnant.
Whowohhahahznauzha (Knee-slapping)!!

One of the last celebs to dust of this classic in public is Julia Roberts. To play William Safire for a sec, one might explain to Julia that words get their meanings from their own definition, not the surrounding words. But then her eyes would glaze over and smoke would come out of her ears as her brain ground to a halt like a '84 Yugo attempting to traverse a small incline.

But at the risk of stooping to her level, let's dust of the ole Websters and look up Democrat. It is immediately preceded by Demobilize v. - to discharge from military service and followed by Démodé a French word meaning no longer fashionable : out-of-date. That would be actual irony, which is something that Julia can have her publicist explain to her.

Love this one...

Thanks Sean Delonas
In case the captions are too small to read: the tall Iraqi's nametag reads 'Baghdad Bob', the crying boy is saying 'Wolf, wolf' and the guy inline behind Michael Moore is Jayson Blair.

This doesn't sound good

Breaking News: Venezuela's regime raids Jewish school
London 29.11.04 | Sources report that this morning at around 6.30AM, 25 police officers raided in Caracas the Jewish school known as Colegio Hebraica. Students were meant to start classes at 7AM. Due to the 'procedure' that still goes on, classes have been suspended. The school is attended by 1.500 youngsters and children.

Criminal-turned-judge Maikel Moreno gave the order to raid the premises. Daniel Sinmack, president of the Jewish community in Caracas, just declared that this is the first time ever that such incident occurs.

Allegedly the State television network, Venezolana de Television, has been reporting for days now that the Mossad is behind the assassination of prosecutor Danilo Anderson.

(via Jonah Goldberg @ The Corner)

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Two days left...

...to the return of Day By Day.
UPDATE: I can't count.
FURTHER UPDATE: OK, now it's two days.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Bring Back Bribery

Here's another opinion I've held for many many years, but rarely had a chance to talk about: the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, 1977 is one of the dumbest and most damaging ideas to come out of the particularly dumb and damaging Congress that sat in the late '70s. Here, courtesy of the Diplomad, is a perfect example why:
The Diplomad recalls lobbying the President of a small country to buy Boeing aircraft for the national airline; with Boeing reps we reviewed in detail the superior price and performance of the Boeing over the Airbus product. The President and the local airline representatives agreed with us that the Boeing was the better plane at a better price. So, as you would expect, Airbus got the deal. The French had bought the President a house in southern France.
In much of the world, bribery is the way business is done. If you want to do business there, you have to pay the baksheesh, or you don't get the contract. And everyone else in the game is playing by the rules, but since 1977 US companies have been unable to do so, for fear of getting caught and being prosecuted here in the USA. So naturally the business has been going elsewhere.

I have long believed that accepting a bribe should be illegal, but paying one should not be. Not only does the payer of a bribe often have little choice in the matter, in most cases he has no duty of care to the victims (generally the bribe-taker's employers, or taxpayers if he is an official). But whether paying bribes in the USA should be illegal or not, it's not for the USA to enforce other countries' anti-bribery laws (if they even exist), especially when the countries in question aren't complaining. And doing so to the detriment of the USA's own citizens, with no benefit at all to the USA, is just perverse.

Friday, November 26, 2004

First, kill the subbies

One of my pet peeves, that my friends have undoubtedly got sick of hearing me go on about, is the incompetence of that parasite on journalism - the subeditor. That's the person who writes the headlines on other people's stories; my problem is that occasionally the headline shows that the subbie has not actually bothered to read the story first.

This phenomenon first came to my attention about 25 years ago, on the occasion of an Arab terrorist attack on a kibbutz nursery in northern Israel. Two Arabs infiltrated the nursery and killed 5 babies; the army ended up storming the building and killing both terrorists. The Melbourne Age headline? Seven Dead in Israeli Raid. Since then I've kept my eyes open for this sort of thing, and it happens with distressing frequency.

Take this story from today's Age: Folbigg needs four trials: court, shouts the headline. Intrigued, I read the story, which is about a woman's appeal of her conviction and sentence for four murders. Turns out, though, that it was not the court that said she should have four trials, it was her lawyer. The basis of her appeal is that it was unfair to try her once for all four incidents, and she should have been able to defend each charge separately; if that had been done, her lawyer claims, she might have been acquitted on some, or perhaps even all of them.

This doesn't sound like a totally outrageous argument (though the Crown Prosecutor made some reasonable-sounding objections to it). Perhaps the court will ultimately agree with it.[1] But it hasn't done so yet. As the story concludes, ‘the court has reserved its judgment’. To put in the court's mouth an argument made to it by one of the parties shows a complete lack of comprehension, a symptom either of illiteracy or of a casual attitude to journalism.

Here's a radical idea: why not allow journos to write the headlines for their own stories?

1. I certainly think that allowing the prosecution to introduce expert evidence that amounts to ‘I've never heard of such a thing happening, therefore it couldn't have happened in this case’ is dangerous; that way lies the Chamberlain trial, and the irresponsible way the forensic evidence was presented in it. (Yes, I'm one of those who always thought Lindy was innocent.)

Quote of the day:

"If the state were a parent they would have their child taken away from them"
Helen Shardey (my parents' local MLC), quoted in this story in the Age.
And put where, exactly? Exactly.

Just Which Party Divides The Country Again?

While I was snacking on some delicous Sky Prawns and the tubes of bleached goo that the Pillsbury Doughboy makes, I found myself wondering about the state of our "divided" nation. Back in 2000, when then-Governor Bush was running for President, I thought his claim of being a "uniter, not a divider" was pretty lame. For one thing, a President shouldn't govern so that everyone agrees. You can't get everyone to agree on everything. Someone's always gonna be pissed off. Secondly, it seemed like a slogan that would come back to haunt him, not as bad as his father's "no new taxes" debacle, but a tool for attack by the Dems if the country found itself disagreeing about, well, anything.

Not soon after his inaguration until this very day, with a brief respite after 9/11, the Left has continualy blamed Dubya for tearing the country apart. Mainly he does, this by persuing goals that got him elected. I often wonder exactly who is being divisive. Is it the President, or is it his, well, not critics because that implies alternate plans of governance, so lets call them his "screeching, incoherent opposition". Anyway, his screeching, incoherent opposition seems to be the source of, and in favor of, a divided America. I wanted to find all the examples myself, but after a round of ether, I'm not too mobile, so the excellent Deroy Murdock over at National Review Online has done the heavy lifting for me. He goes back and points out the total hypocracy of the Left on the divisiveness issue, and makes me thankful that he does, because there's a lot of it, and with the Sky Prawns, cookie dough, and ether, I just wouldn't have been able to get to it all. Go read his piece and wonder if you're divisive, or is the left unhinged. Now where's my cocktail sauce...

More ‘Sky Prawns’

One of the commenters on my previous post on this subject reported that the Rabbi of Elat had determined that the locust swarm that hit Elat this week was not of the kosher species. I have now received first hand testimony that this is not the case. R Ari Zivotofsky reports on the Avodah mailing list that
there is NO question that this is the species for which there is a mesorah [tradition]. I know many who have checked, and I too, though less expert, also checked.
But marketing them as ‘sky prawns’ still seems rather counterproductive in the Israeli market...

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Liberal Idiocy Knows No Borders

About 2 weeks ago I was going to put up a link to this page on Jim Treacher's Blog. It's a collection of various photos taken from a website called "Sorry Everybody", where poor American liberals are posting pictures apologizing to the rest of teh world for not doing enough to keep George Bush from being re-elcted. That first link up there will take you to captions for some of the more insane or pathetic apologies. Treacher has a wicked sense of humor, and it's always fun to look at dissafected losers who care more about what a burnout in Sweeden cares about than the wellbeing of America.

Now, the International liberals have responded with a truly hysterical yet slightly more disturbing picture-taking campaign, documented on Apologies Accepted.com, which may or may not be run by the same people. Anyway, I invite everyone to browse the photos and look at the face of the liberal, anti-Bush world. It's usually not very pretty, it's not very smart, but there's a lot of unitended irony. I can't find the pics anymore, because there are so many of them, but there are a whole batch from Holland, which seem horrible in light of the murder of Theo Van Gogh. I'm sure they blame Bush. Also, look for the "apology accepted" by a Saudi Arabian youth. I'm just guessing he's a member of the Royal Family, because he's got internet access and doesn't seem to realize that America's propping up of his family is keeping him from being shot in the street. It's a fun game. Kang, maybe we could post some shots with our own comments? How do we do that? This whole interweb thingy confuses me...

"This Just In-Go to Hell!

Dan Rather announced that his "retirement" has nothing to do with his reporting of a fake, biased story. It's something he was PLANNING on doing, he said, and he's looking forward to being a "full-time" investigative reporter on 60 Minutes II. Sure, Rather WANTED to retire a year BEFORE he hit 25 years at the anchor desk at CBS. And I'm queen of the space Unicorns.

In truth, this is nothing more than an effort by CBS and Rather to try and salvage the career of one of the worst anchors ever to sit behind a desk. Rather disgraced the name of real journalists with his petty stonewalling, his refusal to admit that his story was crap, and his eventual, half-hearthed "apology" that came 10 days after the report was aired, and 9 days after it was already thuroughly discredited. Rather must not be allowed to retire early. He must be punished. Edward R. Murrow is doing 360's in his grave. As RatherGate.com says,this is NOT a victory. Rather must not be allowed to go on 60 Minutes II. He should be hounded by outraged Americans through the streets until the Monster is cornered in a windmill and the villagers torch it and it burns to the ground. Metaphorically speaking of course.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Was Alexander a Friend of McGreevey?

Many say so. Yet the first two posts on this thread suggests otherwise. Here's a nice version of Plutarch 's A L E X A N D R O S.

No Blood For Cocoa

Because the French Republic has such a deep and abiding commitment to Peace and Justice and International Law and is against Unilateralism and Cowboyism and Adventurism. But France has the United Nations on its side, so it must be in the right. And in any case, it's all the Jews' fault.

Free Will has a roundup.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Sky Prawns?

Tim Blair suggests that the swarm of locusts that has hit Israel can be made more popular by rebranding them as 'delicious Sky Prawns'.
Small problem with using this marketing technique in Israel: prawns aren't kosher. Locusts, on the other hand, are - or at least one species of locust is; I don't know whether the current swarm is of the kosher species.
Kosher locusts can be recognised by the Hebrew letter 'chet' on their undersides. Really. I've seen them. (Yes, they come with their own hechsher.) Roast them in an oven, then pull the legs off and eat like popcorn.

The evil that dare not speak it's name

Lileks' phrase "Big Uh-Oh Which Cannot Be Discussed" raises what I think is real issue: What DO we call it? Islamofacism isn't bad. WOT (War on Terror) is common but inaccurate. First, they declared war on the west/infidels, second no mention of the religion-of-peace component.

Enabling Terror In Your Backyard (queue theremin music)

I've become inured to this at Columbia, but was frightened when Hamas bombmaking turned up in my neighborhood; Park Slope. Now I live in White Plains and guess what? (hat tip LFG). Isn't it sick to accept this at Universities? Are we twisted? Insert Edmund Burke quote, ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph [of evil] is for good men to do nothing.’

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Deriding Derrida

The Volokh Conspiracy cheered me up by recalling the Sokal paper that mocked postmodern deconstructionalism. What a hoot! Sokal's site has many fine articles on the matter. This 'philosophy' is a cancer on the west and humor is a great weapon to destroy it. It remined me of this Zinn/Chomsky article on the LOTR. In both cases, parody so true, it's scary.

Ron Artest: What I Would Have Done Differently

If you haven't heard about this by now, please get a satellite dish for the cave you're living in. The NBA suspended the players involved "indefinitely", which is fancy way of coming down hard until public opinion can be gauged, then determining the actual length of the suspensions. The NBA is right to suspend the players, they cannot condone this type of violence. But if some jerk marched into my workplace, called me every pejorative term in the book and threw water in my face, the only thing that I would do differently that Ron Artest - is hit the sonofabitch harder! Note: my employer would discipline me (probably fire me) and they'd also be right to do so. In both cases, the proper action is walking away and letting the proper authorities deal with the perpetrator. But that does not absolve the heckler of responsibility for his actions and certainly does not absolve them from blame when a fight breaks out that they instigated.

Let's be clear, the fight between the players was effectively over. Who then is responsible for the second, separate fight between the players and the fans? The hooligans in the stands who involved themselves by throwing objects and later coming on to the floor. No question (unless you're a hypocritical talking head on TV).

The heckler has always been protected by an invisible barrier: "the stands". Every player knows that no matter what happens, they must turn the other cheek and walk away, lest something like Friday night happen. This sense of safety (and a healthy dose of the hooch) enables uncivilized behavior by these insecure cowards. Also acting as an enabler: the deteriorating levels of fan self-policing and lack of scrutiny from security personal. Today, these chicken-shits rarely get ejected and almost never have their season tickets revoked. Only in the most extreme circumstances do unruly fans even get punished.

Perhaps this melee (already being cited as the worse domestic incident of fan-player violence) will bring attention to how unsportsmanlike American fans have become, and steps will be taken to curtail this behavior. Hooliganism had been a problem in the UK for decades, but it took the Heysel tragedy until serious measures were undertaken to prevent future incidents. Today known Hooligans must surrender their passports and report to police stations when the Three Lions play. Not a bad idea. At minimum, these punks should be arrested, punished to the full extent of the law, and never allowed in another stadium ever again. As a real fan, I'd say good riddance.
UPDATE(Kodos): ESPN (through Volokh) suggests fans lose their season tickets, and another good idea.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Music haters

Australian lefty celebrity Alison Broinowski wrote this hit piece on Condoleeza Rice. Commenters at Tim Blair's blog point out a hitherto unnoticed aspect of Bushophobia.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Worst. UN Secretary General. EVER.

In it's over 50 years of existence, the UN has had moments of greatness, such as the Security Council showdown between Adlai Steveson and his Soviet Counterpart during the Cuban Missle Crisis, and moments of pure and utter awfulness, such as the time Arafat showed up and turned the majority of the body into anti-Isreali reactionaries. But the most monumental event in the body's history may be just around the corner the AFP is reporting that Kofi Annan is about to be given a vote of no-confidence by the UN staff union, the first time this has ever been even considered. Now, this doesn't get him booted, and according to inside sources he intends to finish his term, which ends in 2006, but he'll have to do it with a hostile staff, who think, to quote one of them, that "Annan is surrounded by corruption, a gang of criminals responsible for some of the worst things that happened to mankind in the 20th century". Wow. I love it, and yet am saddended that the straw that broke the camel's back on Annan was not the Oil for Food scandal, or his failure to even discuss Genocide when it has occured. No, it was the "whitewashing" of a serious complaint of sexual harrassment against one of his top people that pushed the Employees over the edge. Still, the article states that the group has been unhappy with him for a while, for the whole reason we all don't like him very much, and it shows that perhaps Annan shameful helming of the UN will be tarnished forever, not by US opposition, but because his won staff finds him corrupt and incompetent. I can live with that.

These People Need a New Hobby

The folks who brought you the website/527 group "redefeatbush.com" have decided to hop on the Olbermann/moonbat bandwaggon and have created a new organization called BeAmerica.org. The purpose: to fight the "illegitimate and fraudulant" election of 2004. They've already started planning inauguration protests, and today, Friday, at noon, they'll be at LaFayette Park across from the White House. I work two blocks from there. I would go and laugh at them, but I don't like to make fun of deranged people who aren't European. It would be funny if it wasn't so sad. Check out their top ten "questions" about voter irregularity, and see how long it takes you to find the authoratative, legitimate answers to all their questions. It took me less than a minute. Seriously, there is something wrong with these people. Maybe they're just going through denial, but man, it's a heavy case of denial. Also, why hasn't the BusHitler gang arrested them yet? Isn't that what all Hitler's do, Linda Rhonstadt?

The Fighting French

If you thought the French were too cowardly to send troops to Iraq, prepare to stand corrected. If you thought they had turned into principled pacifists, refusing to sully their hands with war (yeah, right), I've got some news for you. If you thought they were sticklers for international law (again, yeah, right), and therefore won't take part in a war not sanctioned by the holy UN, think again. Consult the Diplomad and be enlightened.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Madame Defarge watch

(thanks Monica Crowley) Remember when Kerry was hitting Saudi Arabia in his stump speech and it was a a major applause line? I know it was just part of his recycled Moore, but still, do you think Dubya was vunerable from the right? Watch how Madame Defarge positions herself on Saudi Arabia, immigration, homeland security/patriot act, etc. She is married to the best democratic strategist; the only one I know that had a good (federalist) take on gay marriage. For her to win she must be tough on the WOT. Criticizing is not enough. She will start advocating policies more at home here than Daily Kos. Am I crazy? Or do I just fear her as a machiavellian opportunist?

DeLay Now Presides Over Animal Farm

As I watched the news yesterday and saw that the House GOP leaders were attempting to change the rule they established about having leaders temporarily step down if indicted because Tom DeLay, the House GOP leader, MIGHT be indicted (a small possibility), I had the same thought that Andrew Sullivan seems to be having: that the GOP in congress, which once prided itself on ethics and created a self-policing rule that Democrats still haven't adopted, is turning into what it once despised: the entrenched, ethically challenged Democratic leadership that blew up in the early 90's. Hence the Animal Farm reference for you philisitne's who haven't read George Orwell's classic novel about the dangers of Stalinism.

I think the House Leadership is making a terrible mistake. For one thing, the self-imposed ethical rules that the GOP established were groundbreaking, and led to some transparency in the Congress. It made the Dems look even worse. Secondly, DeLay will most likely NOT be indicted, but even if he is, he is so high profile that it would be in the best interests of the party if he step down to "fight the unfair indictment". DeLay and others claim that he is the target of a personal vendetta by an overzealous DA in Texas. If so, take him head on, don't change the rules and prove you never meant them in the first place. Changing the rules so openly and right after holding on to Congress give the Dems fodder for the news. It gave Nacy Pelosi her only good soundbite ever, when she said she found it "interesting that the first order of Business of the Republican Majority is to change the ethics rules". Never mind that the Democrats STILL have no similar rules. That's not the point. The point is that the very changing of the rules at this stage give the appearence of impropriety. Not a good way to finish this Congress and to start the next. I've been uneasy about the House leadership for a while now. This just confirms my fears. Hopefully, someone will stop the change before it happens.

Exit Polling Now Confirmed as Wrong, Olbermann Vows to "Keep Investigating Until I Kill My News Career Like I Killed my Sports Reporting Career"

Another day, another story proving that voter fraud didn't happen, at least on a widespread level (there is ALWAYS some fraud in any election). Mayflower Hill has a rundown up on their talk with Warren J. Mitofsky, one of the guys behind all that exit poll data, and a guy who was pissed the idiot reporters took his data out of context and hurt his reputation on Election Day. Read the whole thing, but the bottom line is that the polls were wrong due to reporting error and leakage. Mystery Pollster has been dedicating his entire blog lately to debunking the myths that the internet has produced. Look for Olbermann and Salon's readers to claim MP is a tool of the Right any day now.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Counting over (for now) in Washington

Yay! About 20 minutes ago, the last vote was counted in Washington's governor's race, and the final, official result is...
Of course, there will now have to be a recount, since the margin is so small, but the odds are certainly with Rossi now.

Too Funny...

Thanks Bloghead

Bush Pardons Two Thanksgiving Turkeys

But were either of them plastic?

That's Harav Nkosithani

Swazi aristocrat becomes Orthodox rabbi
When Nkosinathi Gamedze walked into the Hebrew department at Wits University and said he wanted to study the language he was greeted with stunned silence. This week, 16 years later, he addressed members of the Jewish community in Johannesburg in a mixture of Hebrew and English - as Rabbi Natan Gamedze.
Read the rest

"Thank God for paper ballots"

Washington is not the only governor's race that is still undecided. The NYT reports on the situation in Puerto Rico, where one candidate won by 3 880 votes, and a slow recount will be needed, that may extend into next year. There are the usual allegations of fraud, and at the very end of the article is a comment by the challenger that at least the ballots are all on good old fashioned paper, easily verified and relatively difficult to tamper with without being detected.
Mr. Acevedo Vilá said he was wary of electronic voting and that the current system engendered trust. "It is foolproof against fraud because you have the evidence right there," he said. "Thank God for paper ballots."
Note that Anibal Acevedo Vilá is the guy who lost the original count, and thanks to the paper ballots the recount that might reverse the result and put him in office might not be finished before his opponent is sworn in. Nevertheless, he sees the great advantage of this voting technology, and wouldn't want to change it.

As a certain pundit would say, Indeed.

ABC Surprised by Viewer Reaction

Naked, desperate housewife throwing herself at an egomaniacal professional athlete as the primetime lead-in to Monday Night Football. What's the problem America? Next you'll object to the gang-bang between the cast from Lost and the Kansas City offensive line that ABC has planned for next week's intro.

ABC, obviously still green with envy of CBS and their nipple-gate during the Superbowl, had a collective synapse malfunction, but has now apologized. Looking at ABC's pathetic ratings, it's easy to understand why they don't have a clue how to properly capitalize on the success of a hit show. But here's a tip: when the hit show is about slutty housewives fornicating with every warm body in the neighborhood, it might not be a natural tie-in to a show that's been marketed to the "whole family" for over three decades.

Moreover, this brand of crap-ola is what the "values" voters object to from the liberal media companies and Hollywood. Again, "values" is not a code word for abortion or gay marriage. It's not a synonym for the evangelical right's most extreme positions. It's not a issue that Carville can "wedge" or "neutralize" with spot-polling. But multicultural, relative-moralist liberals are too busy equivocating the terrorist's (p.c. correction: freedom fighter's) beheadings of aid workers to the American military's collateral damage. So it's a convenient timesaver to rely on tired cliches and stereotypes to explain away the values gap between the Red states and the Blue states.

More Help Understanding Cricket

Many speculate that Cricket was invented not for sport nor entertainment, but colonial supression. Disent and revolution require time for planning, which is a scarce commodity when the war-age males are bashing a cricket ball and running around like chickens in an overused metaphor for days at time. Not suprisingly, soon after the Americans changed the rules of the game and reduced it's duration by 98%, we were dumping tea in the habour and shooting red coats.

Cricket explained, sort of

For Yanks who are completely baffled by cricket, I've posted a quick and very simplified explanation of some of the main differences between cricket and baseball at Tim Blair's site.

Say what?

Kathryn Lopez over at the Corner notes this exercise in logic:
From a Piece on RU-486 on a Feminist Website:
Dr. Vanessa Cullins, vice president of medical affairs for the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, said Holly's death is a tragedy but that medical abortion is safe.

"Death is such a rare event associated with medical abortion that it's startling," Cullins said. "But this is a way for the anti-choice extremists to push the agenda of banning all abortions."
[Emphasis, obviously, mine.] (Article here.)

I can't think of anything to say about this either.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Is there something in the water at NBC news?

Desperate to catch-up with CBS and ABC, NBC is tossing away it's credibility in bucket loads. CBS News, whom many media experts and blogging pundits consider to be the leader in the race towards self-immolation, leveraged it's flag-ship "fake news" program 60 minutes with it's highly editorialized nightly news to jump out to a commanding lead. With a potent one-two punch of forged national guard memos and an attempted election-eve hit piece on several tons of not-so missing explosives, it's hard for anyone with political leadings to the right of Joseph Stalin to miss the blatant partisanship of CBS News. Despite these considerable efforts, many CBS defenders still insist the above examples merely constitute honest mistakes that happen from time to time in the noble process of exposing the Hitler of our era - Dubya.

Enter Peter Jennings and ABC News, who collectively balk at the notion of playing second fiddle to Dan Rather & co, especially when it comes to selling journalistic integrity for cents on the dollar to smear a right-wing warmonger President. Fearing that any "news" story, no matter how overtly-biased, can be construed as legitimate, ABC took a different tact: the internal memo leak (linked here for nostalgia). Mark Halperin, political director at ABC News, explicitly directs his staff to hold Bush more accountable for his attacks and distortions than Kerry. This brilliant gambit paid off with a massive embarrassment and a spot on the podium next to CBS and across from the New York Times...

Wait! Hold on a minute! Before we pass out any medals: NBC News, initially caught off guard by their rivals, has rallied strong after the election. Amazing, simply amazing. First, they lured the competition into complacency by calling Ohio for Bush on election night (Even Krugman took a vacation). Next they unleashed a flurry of masochistic attacks on their own honestly and reliability. Leading off: Keith Olbermann and his musing that Florida Dixie-crats voting for a Republican President (like they've done for the last 100 years) is highly unusual and may indicate systematic fraud. Batting second: Lawrence O'Donnell's rant on McLaughlin, which proposed that the Blue states secede from the 'welfare [Red] states'. Want more? How about anything posted to Eric Alterman's Blog at MSNBC.com or Chris Matthews fair and balanced panels of 3 socialists with a side of center-right Joe Scarbourgh. But that was only the first wave. Now comes Emmy-award winning John Hockenberry's childish mudslinging email to an Army Captain/Blogger who is fighting in Iraq as we speak. This is hilarious! First check out the history of the conflict. The part regarding Hockenberry is in the second half of the post. Next up, check out John's half-hearted apology:
Opps, I'm sorry that I revealed myself as a Bush-hating, anti-war protestor masquerading as a legitimate journalist. Doh!
At this pace and by fully utilizing all of it's media outlets, NBC could pass CBS on the road to implosion by Christmas. More as this race heats up!

UPDATE (Kang): All this effort is already earning NBC recognition. According to Laura Ingraham's radio show, Tom Brokaw was in the heart of the Christian Conservative confederacy (Lincoln, Nebraska) to do a story on congressman Tom Osburn. Brokaw took in bizarre local ritual which is rabidly followed by the rednecks of Jesusland, and is even popular in the less-progressive portions of the United States of Canada: University Football. When shown on the jumbo-tron, he was loudly taunted and boo'd. This represents a landmark accomplishment for NBC in their ratings-slaughtering effort to convince 52% of the country that they are stupid, ignorant boozos.

Why Not Name The Whole Country After the SOB?

You can always count on the French to do hideously inappropriate things, whether it's exploiting the Oil for Food program or naming streets after terrorists, the French can be counted on to make bad situations worse. In a country where anti-semitism and radical Islam are on the rise, is it any surprise that these towns are planning on naming streets after one of the most awful people ever to live? Sadly, it's not. Just name it "Arafatland" and kill off your integrity completely you cretins.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Are Jews Who Voted For Bush Dumb or Evil?

This was a (half-serious) article in the Jewish Weekly and after reading this same theme over-and-over it's really begining to annoy me! I'm sick of it. Anyone with half-a brain knows it's both. Honestly.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Somebody Shouted "Macintyre"!

Derailment Spills 20, 000 Gallons of Beer
Investigating officers said the leak did not contaminate any nearby water sources
Contaminate? I'm sure residents feel so relieved by that news!
UPDATE: It just occured to me that this was probably commercial American beer, which is notoriously like making love in a canoe, so no real harm was done. (gdrc)

The Dead Have Risen And Are Voting Republican!

The certifiably crazy Left continues to eat away at the only slightly crazy Left as evidenced by another piece by Farhad Manjoo in Salon about how the election wasn't stolen. Manjoo wrote an article in Salon earlier this week about how the election wasn't stolen. I linked to it myself. Salon's readers responded in the way any typical Salon subscriber would. They went batty. More so. Manjoo was accused of being apropagandist for the Right(!), on Rove's payroll, and basically being ignorant. My favorite response is one that would make Olbermann proud: "You may say there is no evidence the vote was hacked. I say there is no evidence the vote wasn't hacked." That's the kind of smart analysis that got Creation Science the worldwide respect it enjoys today! Someone also quotes Jimmy Carter as a reliabel soure on fair elections. The letters are vastly entertaining, and you don't have to use the stupid day pass thing to get to them. You do for the article, but it's an add for Saab. I can live with that.

Interesting sidenote: Salon's sponser of the day is Saab, which makes some pricey cars. Considering that no one who would like to own a Saab would be able to get one in the socialist paradise that Salon's writer's invision, I find the add wonderfully ironic. I wonder how many of Salon's readers own expensive cars? More than would admit it, I think.

I LIke The Cut Of This Guy's Jib

After awaking from my intense hangover from the "Arafat Finally Dead" party (what can I say, I'm actually pleased a person is dead. Though Arafat barely counts as a person) I threw for myself the other night, I stumbled across this ingenous plan for the Democrats to Take! Back! America! I also like his drawn up new Nations. Christian Confederacy has a better ring to it than "Jesusland", and The Nanny States of America is far more honest a name for Canada

(Note: SomethingAwful.com may be the funniest web site ever, but I am evil and going to hell so don't take my word for it)

Praise for Yasser

Finally, praise I can agree with.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Reuters: Homer Likes Donuts

Dutch Say Murder Suspect Linked to Radical Muslims

Dog-Without-A-Master goes away

Abd-el-Rahman Husseini, Rot In Hell.
When the wicked are lost, there is song (Proverbs 11:10)
UPDATE: Tex has such a way with words. So do the good folk at Silent Running.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Cui Bono

This sounds about par for the course. Think they wouldn't do that? Remember Mohammed al Dura.

At least this bombing seems actually to have happened. In the USA, many reports of anti-Moslem violence have turned out to be not quite all that they seemed.

Makes Me Sick..........

This appears to blame Fortuyn and van Gogh for their own deaths. I can't believe the time we are living in....

UPDATE (Kang): If you follow the link again, it contains a serious back-peddle from the author and about a dozen comments from readers taking him behind the woodshed!! Not one comment in support of his ideas. It just may (partially) restore you're faith in the world we live in.

If you still want to read the original disgusting waste of free speach, have at it.

The Unluckiest Man in the World

Now That's a neat trick...

Appoint Terry McAullife Party Chairman for Life

Conrad's Tips for a New Democratic Majority:

"I'm Hillary Rodham Clinton and I'm reporting for duty."

UPDATE (Kang): A nationwide Guardian letter writing campaign.

I'm Sorry, I Can't Help Myself

So it's been a week since the election, and the conspiracy theories about a stolen election have gotten so asinine that even SALON of all places is debunking them, which is even more hysterically ironic because they pushed a lot of potential theories before the election. I could be fair and point out that their theories all invloved a hyper-close, Florida-esque situation, but that would mean I would have to find a link for it, and I don't want to. Also, they peddled that Diebold nonsense. Still, you can find the insanity is catching, even if it has a very small infection rate. Over crazy Eric Alterman's blog his guest blogger is saying something about MILLIONS of voter discrepencies. Eric doesn't comment, but does find time to take a cheap, lazy shot at Andrew Sullivan that, as usual, makes Alterman look like even more of a whining loser. Actually, I used to hate to read his blog, but every day since last Wednesday, I get the giggles reading his lunacy. Maybe it's the ether...

But the funniest thing is that no less a "serious" journalist than Keith "ESPN" Olbermann has been talking about how descrpencies in the Florida Panhandle between votes for Bush and the number of registered democrats indicates fraud. Keith displays a total lack of understanding of Southern politics, did no research, and gets righteously fisked by lots of different people (via instapundit). I just can't stop laughing! I know it's wrog, but two days ago I was walking by the White House and there was a group of about 4 people protesting...something, I couldn't tell. They didn't like Bush or US Foreign Policy, but they were standing in the cold, by themselves, and no one was even looking at them, and after I passed them I laughed for 10 minutes, tears streaking down my face. I just can't help laughing at them. It's so sad, it's hysterical. I'll stop gloating when they stop whining. I need more ether.

Europe Dying Slowly, Not Unlike Arafat

Kodos remarked in the space below that there is little to no outrage amongst the easy to outrage artistic community over the hideous murder of Theo Van Gogh, the Dutch filmmaker who was criotical of Islam's treatment of women. Well, the Dutch themselves aren't taking it lying down. In response to the murder, another Dutch artist painted a quick mural with the words "Thou Shalt Not Kill over a picture of a dove on a wall. After local Muslim leaders complained it was offensive and racist, the mural was sandblasted away. Good move, guys! It's this kind of quick thinking that probbaly led to the attacks on Muslim schools and Protestant Churches! And everyone though a race war was going to happen HERE first. Banning unpopular speech, a European custom, is apparently not at all effective at actually changing minds. In all fairness to the Dutch, there are signs that they're finally getting tough. Too bad it took the murder of a politician, an artist, and religious violence to do it.

Elsewere, the continent that gave us the Holocaust has come up with a great way to remember Kristallnacht, the night when Nazi Germany abandoned any pretext of not wanting to murder all the Jews in Europe. What have they done? Well, in Oslo, they've actually
banned Jews from participating in rememberence cermonies, and in The Hague, several were actually arrested for trying to participate there. Way to remember your darkest hour, Europe! Perhaps you should tend to your own affairs before lecturing us about, well, anything.

UPDATE (Kodos): Did you know that the largest political party in Belgium is anti-immigration? What's Europe's response: declare the party illegal by judical fiat. I like how the BBC calls it extreme right-wing, although they did seem to be overboard but in the process of toning it down.

UPDATE (C.M Burns): I had actually forgotten to post that part. What's even funnier about that is that according to this account, "extreme far-right" in Europe stands for Women's rights, free markets, and the rule of law. At issue in declaring the party, Vlaams Blok, racist, and therefore illegal, were 16 leaflets that the party put out in the 90's, many dealing with the lack of rights in Muslim countries. A key piece, that the court in Brussles said was intended to "foment anti-Muslim feeling" was a tract written by a Trukish immigrant, a woman who is a member of Vlaams Blok. The piece decried the practice of female genital mutilation in Muslim countries. I think democracy and free speech are too hard for our "progressive" European friends to deal with when the majority speak out against them. This will happen in Canada next. Watch.

Out-of-touch Liberial Test

Seriously, if you voted for Kerry (or hate Bush) and are wondering today if you are out of touch with the majority of Americans, take the following simple test:
1) Go down to the 'How did Otto Vote?' post and follow the second link to John Perry Barlow's Magnanimous Defeat (or just click here).
2) Think about what was said. Do you agree with most of it? A little bit? Very little? None?
3) For answer to are you an out of touch liberal, return to the same post and read Dean's response to Barlow (or click here).
Note: If you become so angry that you cannot finish Dean's column, good luck on your relocation to Canada. Here is an orientation guide from the Toronto Globe and Mail's Margaret Wente.

Boy oh Boy, this is Great

Why do I feel Specter likes kissing up to conservatives as much as rubbing Patty and Selma bunions? I don't trust him, as I said before.

How did Otto vote?

Dean's my kind of "Pot-Smoking Deadhead Bush Voter". Didn't know I had a kind. He wrote a response to this, which when I read it yesterday, didn't realize that the author wrote the lyrics to "Cassidy".

The Silence is Deafening.

Where's the artisic community's outrage over the Van Gogh murder. Huh? I guess they are not reality-based defenders of artistic freedom (or life) for sloppy overweight documentary-making buffoons. Oh wait....

Does Smithers read the New Republic?

Good for Marty. If Ann Coulter called National Reviews staff "Girlie Men" what do you call the New Republic's? (mmm urge to make McGreevy joke growing)
I saw Ann & Peter Beinhart debating on CSPAN . She was challenged to defend her"bomb their countries, kill their leaders, convert them to christianity" crack (er position). She noted that christians don't seem to be cutting people's heads off. Of course, the crusades were then brought up. I know Ann likes to fight (allah bless her stone heart) but shouldn't she mention how the church has developed institutions and authority separate from the government. This is a important contribution to western civilisation that stands in contrast to other religions of peace.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Blasting the "Moral Values" Myth

I hate the thoery that "Moral Values" won the election for Bush. I think it's a poorly drawn conclusion being made by hard core Conservatives to push their agenda and angry, bitter lefties who can't stand that America voted against their guy(see, they CAN agree!). It a cop-out. Over at Slate(I know, I know they tilt left, but they were warmongers when it counted!) Paul Freedman
takes a look at the exit polling numbers and decides to agree with me that Kerry's percieved weekness on terrorism is what ended up costing him the election. Wise man, that Freedman.

Because Beating Up The Left Never Gets Old...

Kang got me into Mark Styen a few months back, and now a day doesn't go by that I don't read his columns on this interweb thing. Anyway, Steyn rips the Dems hard for their total lack of understanding about what, exactly, they did wrong. He even attacks one of my most-hated liberals, "Dr." Eric Alterman, which makes the column that much sweeter. (Yes, I know Alterman IS a Professor of Journalism at Columbia, which is actually more frightening,as the man doesn't seem to understand what journalism MEANS. Just be sure I dislike him so much that my hired goons have been roving his neighborhood). Anyway, after seeing "Team America" again last night, I'm once again shocked at how perfectly the attitudes of the idiot celebrities in the film match their real-life attitudes. The best example-When Gary and Chris find Susan Sarandon tied up in a chair, she almost convinces them that she's on their side. When Gary realizes that she's just acting, she shouts "You shall die a peasant's death!". That seems to be the thinking in the "blue" areas about the rest of America.

United States Of Canada

According to this graphic from der Spiegel, I live in the United States Of Canada. But how could so many jews vote to join Jeebusland?

UPDATE: or this map
UPDATE: Cool election maps.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

The Specter Of Things To Come.

Both Hugh and Glen are wrong, and Miller is right. We are talking about the chairmanship of the Judiciary Committee. It is healthy to oppose Arlen even if we lose. A Supreme Court appointment will produce more heated retoric than Bork. We don't need a recalcitrant Specter getting glowing profiles in Newsweek, Time and the NYTs. Bork was a leading constitutional scholar shamelessly distorted by the MSM and Specter piled on. Magnanimous appeals to 'moderates', 'bipartisan' talk doesn't seem appropriate. Second termers are vunerable 'lame-ducks' , even in less caustic times. Gentlemen, the distortions ahead will be worse than Bush=Hilter and you would have enabled it. Now is not the time to go wobbly.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Worst Episode Ever....................

This may be a sign that the universe is humming along nicely, but the response to the Van Gogh murder certainly is not. Andrew: "When a film-maker in a liberal Western country is shot, has his throat cut and then has a long manifesto pinned into his flesh with a knife in broad daylight, more people need to be concerned." This story should be huge. I often think of the "soft bigotry of low expectations" regarding standards of behavior, more than just not wanting to offend islamic P.C. sensibilites. Clearly 9/11 was not the wake-up call I thought it was. Murdered dutch politician Pym Fortuyn spoke of liberal democracies not being able to absorb cultures that don't respect the fundamental tenents of a tolerant, multicultural society. Here's a few things that will come to pass, the only question being after how much bloodshed:
  1. The preaching of jihad, and death to the infidels, can't be allowed. Some Holland politicans now want Imams to preach in Dutch; and in accord wth Dutch values. Good for them. Free speech? This is worse than shouting fire in a movie theater.
  2. The UN can't be irrelevant. Voting must refect how free your country is and the Security Council must have a mechanism to change membership. Where's India? Why 2 EU countries? The UN may be bypassed, with the need filled by multinational alliances between similar cultures that "get it"; perhaps growing out of the WTO, etc. Relevant institutional alliances are needed.
  3. Human rights for Africa, the Middle East and China must be held to the same standard as US/EU/Israel. If we expect less, less will change. We are the bigots here.
  4. Immigration must reflect the cultural preservation of such values as not getting murdered for opposing sharia. This is not a law inforcement issue. Western culture is being attacked and must defend itself. It appears to be commiting suicide.
  5. AlQaeda must not be allowed to morph into a political group. Doctor Evil's latest tape worries me. Remember his tape after 9/11 that spoke of Spain in 1492 and nothing about Palestine? The latest tape was not a "death-to-infidels", "strong horse", jihad rabble rouser. OBL seemed blind to western political sensibilites. The latest tape was written by some else; for a different audience. We cannot grant Arafat status ever again to terrorists.
  6. Derb's vision of the future comes to pass; (including the U.S. Ambassador to France is Jonah Goldberg? - ed)
Wouldn't it be nice if the universe was humming along nicely?
UPDATE: I sadly have a bet with a friend that given Europe's history and her reluctance to discuss, debate and vote on, let us say, certain immigrant issues: we will see things like this. I hope I'm wrong. Sigh.
UPDATE: Where is the debate on Europe's Muslims? includes this line from German Interior Minister Otto Schily: "If you love death so much, then it can be yours". More. God bless militant atheist Hitch:"We know that the obscene butchery of filmmaker Theo van Gogh was only a warning of what is coming in Madrid, London, Rome, and Paris, let alone Baghdad and Basra."
UPDATE:How lame is the NYT?

Friday, November 05, 2004

America: Love it or leave it (Literally?)

Like Kodos, I'm not optimistic that the Democrats will reinvent their party. The Hollywood activists, out-of-touch Eastern intelligentsia, and America-hating college professors have a stranglehold on the party, even as they run it into the ground. Perhaps if the rank and file Bush-hating Moore-ons all leave for Canada, the moderate Democrats could stage a bloodless coup and produce a viable opposition party.

In the mean time, I don't want Bush to make nice with Leahy, Kennedy, Schumer and god-forbid Hilary. If Democrats wake-up to the post-9/11 world, then we can talk. Otherwise, I heed Stephen Colbert's election night call to partisanship:

Tomorrow morning, regardless of who wins, we'll have the opportunity to come together as a nation. This is an opportunity we must reject.

Look at the facts: After decades of apathy, this election marks the highest voter turnout since 1968, when we were also divided. Our only mistake back then was quelling those street riots. So to those who call for civilized discourse I say: "Shut your ugly cakehole, fatty!"

It's too late to turn back. Ours is now an anger-based economy. I look forward to a glorious tomorrow, when hybrid vehicles run half on gasoline, half on seething hate. Remember, a house divided against itself is what we here in New York call - a duplex.

Job Growth WAY Up In October

Ahoy-hoy readers, C.M. Burns here with a little economic news. The US added 337,000 jobs in October, and the unemployment rate's increase from 5.4% to 5.5% indicates that more people started looking for work again, which is a positive sign. Perhaps the economy wasn't as bad as the Dems wanted you to think, and perhaps this explains some of the confusion amongst the Left as to how W. whupped them. Again. Just a thought.

Wither the Dems

I stopped reading Sullivan sometime after GW's support of the FMA drove him left (or should I say crazy). Here was an intelligent Thatcherite arguing that a strident anti-war leftist senator was a reasonable choice to fight the War on Terror. But checking his site from time to time caused me to reflect on how ideology colors reality. Was Sullivan's critique of Fox as valid has his NYT anti-Rainsian crusade? Are the Republicans swelling with theocrats and bigots? (A perspective that resonates with Goldwater types, Libertarians and even our Kang).

For LeBoutillier; the Iraq war unhinged an insightful writer. If you can believe this, we should oppose Bush because of some anti-POW policies of his father.

I bring this up to question my perception of the Democratic response the election result. I could link to condescending, we must move left, succesion and I hate (middle) America talk all day (we're still in gloating mode). For I see this as a great generational 60's realignment, but my central observation on the Dems is colored by my worldview: The party has been a Zombie for some time. A working class party that disdains cherished middle class values; a minority party that cripples minorities with condescension, an antiVietnam party post 9/11. A party bereft of ideology. We're always told that Dems poll better on the issues; I think this reflects a simple "Sure I'd like to do something about Health Care", not a particular, big state solution. Compare this to the chimp's "ownership society";"faith based initiatives", etc.

In short the party's over. A cathartic middle-class grassroots reinvention will change the party into a real partner with the Republicans; a true adversary with ideas. I won't hold my breath.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

UK Newspapers Trash Bush

According to Drudge, the Daily Mirror pontificates "How can 59,054,087 people be so dumb?" over which they have a picture of President Bush. Note: Drudge has taken the picture down, so it is shown on the right.

It is possible that the Mirror is calculating the number of eligible voters that did not cast a ballot for a presidential candidate (in which case their figures are a little low). These are the really dumb people. But more likely they are questioning the intelligence of every single Bush voter. It is in that spirit, that we at Neo Warmonger submit the following:

More Gloating

YEEEEEEEE-HAAAAAAAAA! A must read by John Derbyshire.

The Official Nelson Muntz "HA-Ha!" Gloating List

Thanks Vodkapundit and this Ebay item; don't forget to read the comments. Whoop's - the ebay item's been pulled.

Here's LGF's gloat watch.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Welcome warmongers!
Today is the big day. The draft starts Wednesday! Social Security is gone the day after next!

We can't overturn Roe v Wade on Friday, I guess we'll have to ram our judges through over the weekend.