Monday, May 16, 2005

The Most Annoying Part of "The Huffington Post"

Arianna's look at me blog, dahling! vanity project that I thought might tbe fun to make fun of is indeed an ongoing car wreck, but unlike a regular, sad car wreck, this car wreck is like if a couple of clown cars ran into each other and the occupants started tumbling out like, you know, a clown car. Imagine about 500 makeup-clad clowns flying through the windshield, and you'll get the funny image. I promise.

Anyway, the real problem with the "blog" is that you can't actually send little corrections or comments to the various bloggers. I mean, shouldn't reasonable people with actual eductions who understand politics be able to email Arianna and ask her what makes Jim "Glass Jaw" Lampley a useful political commentator, let alone a one-man media apologist/Karl Rove Conspiracy theorist? Can't we ask Lampley? I want to know where he gets those awful Tux's for fight night. Maybe someone could teach him how to properly link to articles posted in other sources, seeing as he fails at that as well.

I also have a few questions for Laurie David, shrill environmentalist activist wife of comedian Larry David who seems to be a bit of an eco-facist. She seems to think that the paper industry is evil incarnate! Damn them for producing paper that people need to write screeds denoucning them! What, exactly, are HER qualifications to comment on the Environment. Click on her bio, and you'd wonder, as I did, if she's ever read a real scientific text.

Fianlly, I'd like to write to Robert Greenwald and ask him why he doesn't think that California Nurses Unions that are more concerned about their political standing than they are about saving the collapsing Califronia Hospital system and teachers who don't seem to be want to be held accoutable for anything are not special interests. Plus, I want to ask him if he thinks teacher's Unions opposition to accoutability reall should be free from critisism. In a state that is falling apart finacially, he is cheering it's ruin, brought on by Democratic control of the state house and the governship of Grey Davis, a leadership that attempted zero reform. God forbid Arnold try to save it before it falls apart completely. Does he have a solution, and fianlly. does he think that getting a hit piece on a Republican governor into the pages of the NY Times is an actual accomplishment, or more like a "what took so long" siutation?

Obviiously, plenty of fodder for good humor and head shaking as the Huffington Post goes on. Groupthink has set in faster than I anticipated. David Frum should post more often, if only to piss the lefties on the site off. Oh well, there's always Instapundit!


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