Monday, August 15, 2005

The Sheehan Circus

The worst thing about the whole Cindy Sheehan thing isn't her moonbat leftism or the army of Lefties who think she's some kind of saint. The worst thing is that even the mildest criticism of her makes you pure evil. Apparently she is so wise and pure that to question her stance is to automatically become a "smear artist". For a disturbing look into the way she is treated, haul yourself over to her postings at HuffNPuff and the read the comments. Almost any critique is hit with a withering barrage of "how dare you's" and "stop promoting your hateful war". And those are for the critiques left by others who lost a loved one in Iraq. They are told, over and over, that the war is a charade and all of the death has been in vain. Nothing that is too harshly critical of her is let into her blog. It's censored. So it's an echo chamber of anti-war craziness that betrays more hatred for anyone who supported the war than I thought was possible.

Now, Newsweek has an article about how it is that the President meets with grieving families, and how he has kept it quiet and not publicized his meetings. Apparently, he does feel drained by the meeting with the families of the fallen. Cindy Sheehan has, in my opinion, changed her story of their first meeting for her own personal goals. If Bush was kind to her and seemed human and caring when they met last year, that undermines her quest. So he must be aloof and he must refuse to say the name of the soldier in Cindy's narrative, or else her story falls apart. In the Newsweek story, Bush talks with all of the families about the fallen, about who they were. When Sheehan says that the President didn't want to mention Casey Sheehan's name, I think she is either lying or has actually convinced herself the President didn't care. With a crazy person, either is possible. But because Newsweek is "corporate media" don't expect the Cindy Patrol to talk any stock in it. They're all media whores as Newsweek, or didn't you hear that? (Yes, this site has criticized Newsweek in the past, theflushing Koran story, but that was for printing an unverified story, not one that is fully sourced)

One last thing. Lance Armstrong is going to Crawford to ride with the President. Armstrong said on "This Week" yesterday that he wants to see more funds spent on cancer research. Makes sense. He's probably already done more good for his cause than Cindy Sheehan ever will, and he's not a publicity hound. I don't know his politics, but I expect Lance will soon be called a whole litany of horrible things by people on the Left who might have once called him a hero. I'm sure they'll first demand he "speak for Cindy", and if he doesn't, well, doesn't he know that not to support Cindy is to be a wormonger? He'll have to be taught, won't he. This is the dumbest media circus since the missing girl in Aruba. Cindy Sheehan may not be using her son, but she's a nut and others are certainly using her. That's the truth. And it's pathetic.


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