Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Who Are the Right's Least Favorite Conservatives?

Right Wing News conducted a poll of the top right-wing bloggers to determine which conservative they dislike the most. Here are the results. Pat Buchanan led the pack to come in first, and John McCain got second. My least favorite conservative, Ann Coulter, was a close third. In my mind she's worse than Bucnahan because Buchanan, whole being slightly repugnant, is at least incredibly intelligent. Coulter is a hideous beast who really couldn't argue her way out of a paper bag. She'd rather shoot her way out. I know Kang has a soft spot for her, but I wish she'd go away. Anyway, check out the list. I found it most enjoyable.


Blogger Kodos said...

Buchanan has gone right up to the anti-semitic line (and reasonable thinkers can say crossed it). It's a theme in his writings for years, and I personally don't think he's owed the benefit of the doubt.
And lighten up on Ann, will ya. I think she is a humorist. We live in overly pc world and she is clearly being provocative and funny. Our society is overly sensitive and I think we could use more humor that 'crosses the line'. Kudos to Coulter!
Ann, you may feel, is a bomb-thrower that coarsens the dialoge; but Pat's thinking is dangerous.

Tue Aug 02, 05:31:00 PM 2005  
Blogger C.M. Burns said...

Don't get me worng, I despise Buchanan. And if we were talking about Buchanan 10 years ago or so, at least in level of popularity, I would agree he was much more dangerous. But today, he's just a kook with a small following. And lets not forget that Coulter idolizes Joe McCarthy. She sells more books than Buchanan, she has more exposure than Buchanan, and she embarasses real, thinking conservatives much more than Buchanan does. All time? Maybe Buchanan is more embarassing and dangerous. But right now, it's Coulter. I don't think I can ever bring myself to go easy on her. I used to think she was joking as well. I'm not so sure anymore.

Wed Aug 03, 09:33:00 AM 2005  

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