Sunday, October 23, 2005

If you can't get the real thing...

Instapundit links to R G Combs, reporting on a form letter he received from Rep. Mark Udall (D-CO), about an attempt to put some restraint on the pork-barrel process.
I don't know what cuts will be proposed, but it's clearly time for a serious debate, and to jump-start it, I've introduced H. R. 3966, the Simulating Leadership In Cutting Expenditures (or "SLICE") Act.
I thought this was an acknowledgement by Mr Udall that real leadership was not to be had, but he was hoping for at least a simulation; I also wondered whether this was perhaps a not-so-subtle dig at the Bush administration and/or the Republican congressional leadership. Unfortunately, the truth turned out to be much more prosaic - a look at his site revealed that it was just a typo, and the actual title of the bill is "Stimulating Leadership In Cutting Expenditures". Oh well. (Actually, according to both the letter and the press release, it's the SLICE Act; isn't he getting rather ahead of himself, calling it an act instead of a bill?)

UPDATE: Oops, that was embarassing. I didn't finish reading RG Combs's post before posting my response. I now see that he immediately picked up on the same point, and in a subsequent update confirmed that it was indeed a typo. I'd still like some comment on the tendency of congressmen to refer to their bills as acts, as if they'd already passed.


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