Thursday, October 13, 2005

Why the GOP Keeps Winning

Well, my hope that the GOP might take an awful beating in 2006 or 2008 to teach it a lesson has been dampened by the fact that the Democrats are incapabale from learning from past mistakes. Yesterday unindicted murderer and US Senator Ted Kennedy told the AP he would support John Kerry in 2008. Now, given that John Kerry was by all accounts a terrible candidate, and that he is now universally reviled by many of the big Democratic donors, why would "the Lion of the Senate" back him again? Is it because he really doesn't trust Hillary? Is it because he thinks John Kerry would actually do a better job than any of the other candidates that might come up? I find that unlikely. It's possible, nay likely, that Ted Kennedy's brain is so adled from years of alchohol abuse that he is no longer capable of even the basic patterns of rational thought. Kennedy's next opponent for his Senate seat, be it Republican in the general election or a Democrat in the primary, should trot out Kennedy's continued support of a President Kerry over other Democratic alternatives as evidence that he is no longer mentally capabale of serving in the Senate. Many of known this for years, but a fresh quote always helps.

In other poor ideas from Democrats news, some have asked Al Gore if he intends to run in 2008. Al Gore? Are you kidding me? The guy who should have ran away with the 2000 election, the guy who didn't let the most popular Democrat since JFK campaign for him? This idea has apparently been kicked around at HuffPo and others. Some of the posters there seem smart enough to know Gore isn't the guy they want or need. Still, if he's being touted by ANY Democrats, it's a sign that the party is still too stupid to win anything. Also, Nacy Pelosi is still the House Minority Leader. That hurts any chance the Dems have in 2006. The Left hates the Democratic Leadership Council for various reasons, the most important being that they got one of their founders elected President while the Kos Krowd got all hot and bothered by Howard Dean. Apparently, the Dems are unveiling a Contract With America-esque plan to campaing on in 2006. Read that post and the Kos one, and tell me the people who might support a Dem plan are helpful to their party in general. Guess what? They aren't. Frankly, if the opposition is this pathetic, we're going to be stuck with big-government coservatism for a while. Which kinda sucks. Damn idiot Democrats.


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