Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Bush/Rove Mind Control Forced Democrats to Vote for the War!

The President has been hitting back pretty hard against just about all of his critics, from the media to the Dems and even at some fellow Republicans, crying foul that they've suddenly decided he "misled" the country into war even though they believed in the CIA's intelligence as much as he did. The standard response from the Democrats has been "Well, he manipulated the intelligence" or "we hadn't seend Joe Wilson's 'report' yet", or other such nonsense. It's BS, of course. Even the few who voted against the war, such as Ted Kennedy, have reframed their objections, now including what would seem to be great powers of perception. Tom Maguire is humiliating all of them, quote by quote. Check out his links to Captain Ed and his analysis of Howard "Tell the truth" Dean's frequent departures from said truth on Meet the Press. Then read EJ Dionne's colomun in the Washington Post and wonder no longer if the Democrats have any shame at all when in come to our efforts to secure a lasting peace with democracy in Iraq.

ETA: Historical context on Dionne revisionist history: QandO demolishes the entire premise of Dionne's column.

(hat tip-Instapundit)


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