Monday, July 31, 2006

A'hoy, hoy, all

CM Burns here, back after an extended respite at Dr. Malcolm S. McAllisters Health Sanitarium for the Old. Abusive and Rich. It seems that Smithers had acidentally given me a bit too much ether and after giving that fool Simpson in Sector 7-G a raise and promotion to VP of Marketing, the Board of Directors had me committed. No worries, as they've all been fed to the hounds and I now own 97% of the stock in Springfield Nuclear.

Anyway, I just wanted to post to give some props to Andrew Sullivan for at least being intellectually and morally consistent by posting about how Hezbollah counts on civilian deaths in Lebanon to curry favor with the media. Also, Mel Gibson's bizzare anti-semetic rant from Friday night is not whitewashed by Sullivan either as it has been a bit by Katherine Jean Lopez at NRO. I didn't think "Passion of the Christ" was intended to be anti-Semetic when I saw it. I just thought people were projecting their own feelings into the film, and while part of that is probably the case, it seems that the boys from South Park had Mad Mel pinned two years ago, as did the indespensible Charles Krauthammer, and Sullivan. He's not always right, but when Sullivan is right, he's always dead on target.


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