Monday, January 10, 2005

Jack Bauer Could Ensure Safe Elections In Iraq!

With the war on terror coming to Los Angeles on FOX each week, it's inevitable that two things will happen:

  • Civil rights groups will get all in a tizzy because the Islamic terrorists are unfairly portrayed as ... Islamic!
  • Liberals will accuse FOX (chief media outlet of the VRWC - Vast Right-Wing conspiracy) of diverting the public's attention from the Vietnam-esque failure in Iraq while continuing the warmongers' propaganda campaign.

Based on the first three seasons, 24 is already the greatest drama/action series in the history of TV (Season 4 is unpardonable and unforgivable Soprano's fans), but the secretary of Defense (played by William Devane) from this season may ascend the show to even more unheard of heights - if he lasts 'til noon. When the SecDef is arguing with his whinny, anti-war, anti-US foreign policy, pro-environment son who wants to go embarrass his father at a protest rally, Pops nukes him with 'spare me your 6th grade Michael Moore logic'.

UPDATE: The Village Voice has already made that prediction look good. Here's a snippet of their review:

Perhaps it's because terrorism has become an utterly routine part of our daily news cycle, or maybe it's just that you can only spin out anxiety so long before it stops being entertaining, but the fantasy element of 24 has worn thin. A wild American loner, with no regard for rules or conventions (like that Geneva thingie), defeating those big bad Muslims - all sounds uncomfortably like a White House wet dream.

Even Moore reason to watch as far as I'm concerned. I can't wait to see the ratings for the premier and the V.V. & co's reaction!!


Blogger C.M. Burns said...

Not only does SecDef William Devane yell at his wasted, dumb ass "no blood for oil" son, when the kid lists up a joint in front of him, he smacks it out of his hand and screams at him some more. But in a tough love way. Also, last night he almost broke out of the compound where the terrorists took him using the old "sick prisoner" routine. He killed a couple of people, for Christ's sake! He's got a higher body count than Jack does so far!

I also agree that "24", which rebounded from a slow start in Season 3 and a sort of half-assed ending to Season 2 (how do you top detonating a Nuke on American Soil in episode 12, though?) is consistatnly the best show on TV. As much as I love The Sopranos, the first season of 24 is probably the finest first season of TV, ever. Season 4 looks to continue the streak.

Finally, come on Kang, what do you expect from The Village Voice? I was actually shocked when Frank "I used to be an Art Critic, now I'm a pundit" Rich gave the show a positve review in the NY Times, even though he used it to bash Bush.

Tue Jan 11, 11:24:00 AM 2005  

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