Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Plame, Rove, Cooper, and all that.

Yeah, I know, if you're reading this you're proabably also reading Tom Maguire, the Captain, and a bunch of other sites, and know more than you ever wanted to about this story. You probably made up your mind about it 1.5 years ago, when it first broke, and nothing that's happened this week has been real news. So I wasn't going to say anything. But I just wrote a whole long screed as a comment on a friend's LiveJournal, and it took me a while to write, so dammit, I might as well copy it here. Better still, I'll just post a link, and let you read it there. If you feel called on to comment, please be nice — these are my friends, even if they are Bush-hating bigots. Mostly, we just don't talk politics.


Blogger Kang said...

Oy Vey!! You're a better man than I for maintaining civility with that bunch. I think the policy of not discussing politics should be more strickly adhered to if y'all are to remain friends.

Wed Jul 13, 05:55:00 PM 2005  

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