Tuesday, December 13, 2005

This is interesting...

Steven Hayes (via Instapundit):
Much of today's debate about the threat posed three years ago by Saddam Hussein's Iraq is based on past assessments by U.S. intelligence agencies that we now know had no real sources on the ground in Iraq. The Bush administration seems remarkably uninterested in discovering, now that we have reams of material from Saddam's regime, what the actual terror-related and WMD-related activities of that regime were. But as the political debate of recent weeks makes clear, answering these questions remains central to the debate over the war.
So let me get this straight. We thought we knew what was going on in there, but when we got there we found that everything we thought turned out to be wrong; black mark for us. But meanwhile we have also found out what really was going on, and that doesn't count for anything.


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